Zaho de Sagazan power four and majestic rap in the Victoires

The quadruplet of Sagazan’s Zaho revelation and fidelity to rap/r’n’b, with the coronation of Aya Nakamura and the tie of Gazo and Vianney, marked on Friday the Victoires de la musique, criticized until now for their archaism .

The victory was announced. Nominated in five categories, Zaho de Sagazan, 24, won four: album, original song, stage revelation and female revelation.

The artist, driven by her first album “La symphonie des éclairs”, paid tribute to the “caregivers”, the first activity she did before launching into music. “But who is hacking the thing? “Is my mother the one behind all this?” the native of Saint-Nazaire (Loire-Atlantique) joked on stage, surpassing the emotion of this quadruplet.


Unknown a year and a half ago, its agenda is already full and the size of the speakers has changed in 2024, with a tour of Zenith-type venues, including the one in Paris in mid-March, already sold out. The others (Marseille, Lille, etc.) will follow in November. Until then, the young woman with the peroxide hair will be exported, with Quebec, Switzerland and Belgium on the program.

His universe revolves around superficial writing, an incarnation of Brel and Barbara, all served by an electro atmosphere.

“Victory of sharing”

The other highlight of the evening was, therefore, the place reserved for rap/r’n’b, star genres on musical platforms until now snubbed by the Victoires.

If a conventional rapper like OrelSan has already achieved 12 victories in his career, he was the tree that hid the forest of diversity in French-speaking rap.

Gazo is an iconic artist especially popular with young audiences and his tie for male artist award with Vianney is a strong sign of the Victories. It is his first trophy at 29 years old. The third for Vianney, 32, who hailed “the victory of sharing.”


And what about the victory as a female artist for Aya Nakamura? The queen of r’n’b, praised by the children of Madonna, the most listened to French-speaking singer in the world, had until now only received an additional reward from the Victoires. This time, here she has a crown worthy of her career, at 28 years old. The Franco-Malian, however, was not present to receive it.

For Gazo, it is a great revenge against life. The artist was born in Châteauroux (Indre), into a large family of Guinean descent.

Arriving as a child in the Paris region, the nightmare began between leaving school early and entering a home or foster family. Then came the squats and mostly illegal schemes.

Gazo even said that he had been in prison. Rap saved him with two solo albums “Drill FR” (2021) and “KMT” in 2022.

Tears of Lavilliers

As a symbol, the first victory of the night, for the music video, was awarded to rapper Shay (for the video for “Commando”). And it was the rapper Damso who won the concert. Yamê, at the crossroads of rap-r’n’b-song, has been designated as a male revelation.

The creation last year of the Flammes, a ceremony dedicated to rap and its trends, “shocked the industry a bit and, this year, the nominees for the Victoires are much more representative of what works in France,” he analyzed for AFP. Nicolas du Roy, editorial director of Spotify France.

We also detect the reformist touch of Vincent Frèrebeau, new president of Victoires, who returns to a rotating position already occupied in 2005-06 and 2012-13.

The first tears of the evening were shed by Bernard Lavalliers, 77 years old. After singing a medley of his hits with several artists, including Catherine Ringer and Jeanne Cherhal, the singer received an Honorary Victory from actress Sandrine Bonnaire.

“There are three types of people: the dead, the living and those who are in the sea. For the moment, I am in the sea,” the interpreter of “Again on the Road” declared into the microphone.

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