“You failed with Covid, it is an interstellar failure”: Géraldine Maillet clashes with Professor Didier Raoult at the TPMP (VIDEO)

This Thursday, January 11, Professor Didier Raoult had a very tense exchange in the TPMP with Géraldine Maillet.

Cyril Hanouna does not make it an open secret and especially appreciates Professor Didier Raoult. Not in vain did he invite him several times to the set of Don’t touch my post! both during the health crisis period and after. And the opposite is also true, as the controversial microbiologist occasionally appears on the C8 show, although he rarely appears on televisions.

This Thursday, January 11, the man who saw his notoriety explode during the pandemic was Baba’s guest at the TPMP on the occasion of the publication of his new book “Neither angelic nor diabolical: antibiotics.” The famous infectious disease specialist also referred to a French study, published on January 2, which revealed that hydroxychloroquine would be responsible for nearly 17,000 premature deaths during the first wave of Covid-19. Let us remember that the molecule had become known through media coverage of the treatment proposed by the professor, even before the approval of the health authorities.

But although normally columnists do not intervene to express themselves before the eminent professor, this Thursday afternoon Géraldine Maillet was invited by Cyril Hanouna to express all her reservations against Didier Raoult. “You failed Covid and I understand that it is very difficult for you to accept that when you are an extremely brilliant teacher known all over the world. It is a checkmate to Covid; in fact, it is an interstellar failure. It is impossible for you to accept it, you have achieved everything except Covid, no“he told the professor from Marseille.

Words that evidently did not fail to provoke the ire of the guest of the evening: “You do theater, I don’t do theater. I’m trying to explain to you“he replied.”So why don’t you agree to respond to your medical colleagues? Because it is easy to discredit me, I am a columnist, I am not a doctor. Why don’t you agree to speak on television with doctors who disagree with you?“added Daniel Riolo’s companion. “People who are at home may have the same level as you…“Didier Raoult then told him, irritating the columnist: “What is my level? You say it with a bit of contempt as if I were an idiot.“.

And added: “There are idiots like me who buy your book, you shouldn’t look down on them“. “I don’t despise them, they compare people who are not comparable. I have been the most cited for 20 years among all the microbiologists in the world and when you have a pharmacokineticist who discovers the infectious disease and who has never treated a patient and “Who wants to give me a lesson I don’t talk to him. It’s not more complicated.”explained Didier Raoult, a little tense about this exchange.

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