Without further doubt, The World After Us is a hit on Netflix

Last December, in the midst of productions that smell of cinnamon and fresh snow, Sam Esmail told the story of a world in trouble, of a vacation that goes wrong for an American family that is, after all, normal and current. Worn by Julia Roberts, Mahershala Ali and Ethan Hawke, The world after us It quickly established itself as a solid disaster film, a genre that is nevertheless largely plagued by disappointments.

Sure rotten tomatoes, obtained an excellent score of 75% from the press. The public was less enthusiastic, with only 35% positive reviews. These results could portend a disappointing score on Netflix; The images finally became part of the platform’s history. The N Network says it now ranks eighth among the most viewed English-language films.

In recent weeks it has been seen by more than 136 million people around the world. Thus he comes to the front Crystal onion: a story of knives out and tyler rake respectively in ninth and tenth place in the ranking. The World After Us still has a few weeks to conquer places and shine higher in the rankings.

Netflix measures the audiences of its productions during the first 90 days, The world after us There is still room to make significant progress. He pushes himself with Mother, which also has about 136 million views. The film, freshly nominated for a Razzie Award, should be released in a few days. You could even familiarize yourself with the results of we are the heroeswhich has 137.3 million views in 90 days.

What movies in 2024?

Taking advantage of the success of The world after us, Netflix will continue its efforts in creating feature films. In 2024, although there will be fewer than in previous years, certain projects are worth taking a look at. We can say The lady and the dragon with Mille Bobby Brown that should attract many curious and fans of fantastic stories. The Red N also recently promoted a rerun of the film. The wages of fear, with Alban Lenoir and Frank Gastambide in the cast. Also on the French production side, Bérénice Bejo will encounter a shark in the Seine, before the camera of Xavier Gens.

Zack Snyder will also deliver his sequel to rebel moon, it has already been promised that the second part will premiere on April 19. Finally, it will be possible to find Axel Fowley in the fourth installment of the saga. Le Flic de Beverly Hills. Still played by Eddy Murphy, the police officer must lead a new investigation as he faces the challenges of life at fifty. It should also be noted that the filming of the third part of the saga In knives out should start in a few weeks, suggesting a launch in 2025. Benoit Blanc will be able to offer himself the opportunity to surpass his previous results and who knows to dislodge The world after us.

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