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By Guillaume K. | sports journalist

While Kendall Jenner is often mocked for her love of NBA players, she’s not the first celebrity to have a soft spot for them. Madonna also had this “passion” and, in addition to Dennis Rodman, she would have liked to draw a Hall of Fame member.

NBA players have the unfortunate tendency to share the same wives and this can happen within the same team. For example, at the beginning of the season, James Harden and Kelly Oubre Jr. met in the Sixers locker room, even though they have an ex in common. Fortunately for the group’s atmosphere, the Bearded Man was quickly transferred to Los Angeles.

But the absolute queen of conquests in the league is, obviously, Kendall Jenner, who has put together a quite interesting squad. Between Jordan Clarkson, Kyle Kuzma, Blake Griffin, Ben Simmons, D’Angelo Russell and Devin Booker, it’s a safe bet that his team could be competitive in the playoff race.

When Madonna flirted with Charles Barkley live on TV!

Often mocked by Internet users in this regard, the star model is not the first to have a soft spot for NBA players. In the ’90s, it was Madonna who was trying to make a series of conquests in the league. After Dennis Rodman, she would have set her sights on another absolute legend, the only problem is that this Hall of Famer was married.

Invited to a television set, the queen of pop had to choose between several personalities who could please her:

Charles Barkley is a god. Denzel Washington is married and I think Barkley is too. You see, the best men are already taken. But he can still give me children.

Among all the celebrities featured, Madonna obviously had a soft spot for Charles Barkley, 1993 MVP and, above all, a colorful personality, just like her. The singer has always had an assumed diva side and it was unthinkable for her to appear with an average person. And then, at that moment, Chuck was in stunning physical shape.

You wouldn’t say it, but Charles Barkley He had his small success in the ’90s. The proof is that he even caught the attention of a superstar like Madonna, who must have loved his game as much as his unique personality.

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