“With Naïma Rodric it was exceptional!” Aïssam Medhem reveals her best memory from filming the series

Although Akim’s character will soon leave the screens ofsuch a big sunHis interpreter, Aïssam Medhem, revealed who he spent his best moments with on the sets of Montpellier…

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The weather is stormy for couples.such a big sun on France 2. While Jade (Shemss Audat) sees her relationship with Ludo (Folco Marchi, who revealed whether he will soon leave the series) threatened by a police investigation, two other romantic relationships seem on the brink of the precipice. In fact, after accepting Guilhem’s (Manuel Blanc) marriage proposal, Estelle (Alexia Degrémont), the masseuse, seems to want to back out, at the risk of causing terrible consequences. For her part, Akim (Aïssam Medhem) does not seem willing to accept Margot’s (Clara Botte) proposal to follow her to the United States. Could this already be the end of his story?

such a big sun : “We were having a great time”Aïssam Medhem (Akim) talks about filming with Naïma Rodric (Lucille)

Aïssam Medhem, who joined the series in 2018, made an enigmatic post last November on her Instagram account, suggesting a departure from the series. A hypothesis corroborated at the time by the production that explained to us that the character would leave the series in January. Contacted by us, the actor confirmed that he had not filmed for the soap opera for two months. The opportunity for him to remind us of his best moments in the series and, in particular, with a certain actress. “My relationship with Naïma Rodric was exceptional. There is no other word. We had a great time at work, we understood each other very quickly” The actor told us about his professional relationship with his former partner, now at the casting of Tomorrow belongs to usbefore adding “With all the girls Akim had love stories with, whether it was Lucile Krier (Noémie), Clara Botte (Margot) or Naïma Rodric (Lucille), it was great. I was delighted from the beginning to the end. END..”

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such a big sun : “I wanted an ending…”Aïssam Medhem (Akim) reveals the contours of his departure from the series

If the actor is no longer filming under the Montpellier sun, he has given us some information about his latest adventures. “I wanted an interesting ending for my character. Positive or negative, that’s not the point, but the goal was for it to say something. And I think we achieved that” reveals who explained having “I want to take the time to do something else, start other projects”. Therefore, we will have to watch the next episodes of Un si grand soleil to find out what will happen to Akim…

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