With 20 kilos more, Ricky reveals his transformation after his elimination from “Koh-Lanta” (video)

Since the end of his adventure, Ricky has wanted to strengthen his body and shares the result with his subscribers.

The latest episode of “Koh-Lanta” saw the famous ambassadors scenario, which resulted in Ricky being eliminated from the game hosted by Denis Brogniart.

The young man, quite active on social networks, shared his physical evolution between the end of the adventure, which inevitably made him lose a few kilos, and today. The difference is surprising. “Far from having the best physique! But in 11 months I’m happy with it. Certainly 20kg difference, but 20kg of work every week. Don’t let anyone judge your physique! Be proud,” Ricky writes.

A video that provoked many very different reactions. “Wow, this transformation is huge… What a great example to follow… I’m still very sad that you’re gone”, “Congratulations on the crazy effort you had to make but I preferred the more natural approach. But the main thing, as you say, that no one judges for you”, or “What seems most crazy to me is the change of face, well done”, we can read in particular.

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