Why doesn’t Thomas Sotto replace Laurent Delahousse on the 8pm news this weekend on France 2?

For the first time during the weekend, Maya Lauqué will present the 20 Hours of France 2, replacing Laurent Delahousse. Why didn’t Thomas Sotto, his official wild card, return to action this time? Tele-Leisure has the answer.

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The habits of 20 Hours of France 2 viewers will change this Friday, February 16. In fact, while students from zone A will join those from zone C during the winter holidays, It is not Laurent Delahousse who will be in charge of the afternoon newspaper between this Friday and this Sunday. And Thomas Sotto, his prankster, will not be present either, since Tele-Leisure He pointed it out a few days ago. Is Maya Lauqué who will try the exercise for the first time on the main public attention channel. The journalist, however, will not reach uncharted territory since she worked at the continuous news channel I-Télé (currently CNews) between 2007 and 2013. Normally, she co-presents Telematin with Damien Thévenot from Friday to Sunday. She will also be replaced by Emilie Tran Nguyen this weekend.

Why doesn’t Thomas Sotto present the news from the 20 Hours of France 2 this weekend?

But then, why won’t Thomas Sotto be present this weekend to present the 20 Hours of France 2? Recently interviewed by Tele-LeisureThe journalist gave a simple explanation: He took a week’s vacation! I haven’t taken a real vacation since the end of August, so now I’m going away for a week. Not enough to fuel a controversy!“, smiles the journalist. And to reassure viewers: “I like the 20 Hour exercise, it allows you to vary the pleasures. It’s all a game, I always tell my kids: what percentage of people make a living doing what they love?“.

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Telematin : Who replaces Thomas Sotto in the morning presentation?

Marie Portolano, his playing partner in TelematinHe also told us: “During the holidays of All Saints and Christmas, he only has three days off because he writes the newspaper. Needs to rest! I told him to take a week.“. Thomas Sotto does not hide that it was fatigue that convinced him to take a week off. ” TélématinThey are 16 hour days!“, he likes to remind us. Next week on TelematinIn the absence of Thomas Sotto, Samuel Ollivier will present the France 2 morning show with Marie Portolano from Monday to Thursday.

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