Why did Natacha Lindinger leave the TF1 series and be replaced by Hélène de Fougerolles? She answers

For its new season, broadcast from this Monday, January 8 on TF1, Sam changes his mind once again. Hélène de Fougerolles takes over the role previously played by Mathilde Seigner and Natacha Lindinger.

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This Monday, January 8 Sam He’s back on TF1! And, for the occasion, he changes his mind again! Camped during the first season by Mathilde Seigner then for Natasha Lindinger until day 6, in fact he plays it now Helen of Fougerollesthe former accomplice of Balthazar. A new incarnation that should add an element of curiosity ahead of the launch of this season, at 9:10 p.m. on channel one.

Natacha Lindinger’s departure from Sam : Why did you stop the TF1 series?

In an interview given in November 2022 to our colleagues from puremediasNatacha Lindinger gave a cryptic explanation about her departure from the series: “It’s time to renew myself a little, to take risks again and to give myself time to be available for other projects. I really enjoyed playing this character of Sam, which led me to total freedom of play, permanent investment and pleasure, above all, for five seasons. Even if I may sometimes miss Sam, I don’t regret at all that I decided to stop doing it. It’s necessary.” Some of his famous projects, viewers have already been able to see: in fact, he was in the credits of the last months of the series. The Torch: The Adventurers of Chupacabra and Future with Kevin Adams. And she recently finished filming. Unit 8200 with patricio bruel for TF1.

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“It took me about ten days to get into this character.” : Hélène de Fougerolles talks about the challenge it poses Sam

In an interview granted to TF1Hélène de Fougerolles said she was very happy to return to this super character from Sam : “After Baltasar, I dreamed of finding a recurring role. And what a role! I am very proud to have passed the casting because it was not easy for me to put myself in the shoes of a character that already existed. I said that everything was going well. be well but I didn’t realize how difficult it would be! The actress thus returned to the challenge that this character represents: “So far, I’ve proposed an interpretation and it’s generally been popular. On this shoot, people were saying to me, ‘That’s great, Hélène, but now we’re going to do Sam!’ I particularly noticed that he was talking a lot about ‘thank you’ and ‘ I’m sorry”, words that are not part of her vocabulary at all. The difficulty did not come from the comparison with other actresses but from the character herself because she is very strong. Sam, her way of being, of expressing herself, her approach, her codes …It took me about ten days to become familiar with this character.” Did Hélène de Fougerolles accept the challenge? Respond this Monday, January 8 on TF1…

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