Who is Claudia Galanti, alias Julia in the series, Arnaud Mimran’s partner who inspired Jérôme Attias?

In the second part of the Canal+ event series, Of money and blood, Jérôme Attias reappears with Julia, a new companion on his arm. His character is inspired by Claudia Galanti, the real partner of Arnaud Mimran, alias Jérôme Attias in the series.

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Following the broadcast of a first part rich in twists and turns in October 2023, Xavier Giannoli’s event series Of money and blood Return to Canal+ with the second part. The first salvo highlighted how Fitous (Ramzy Bedia), Bouli (David Ayala) and Attias (Niels Schneider) had set up a large-scale carbon tax scam. Inspired by the true story of Marco Mouly, Samy Souied and Arnaud Mimran, told in the book of the same name by journalist Fabrice Arfi, the series now addresses the disintegration of the criminal group. In fact, in episode 7, Bouli is murdered (as is Samy Souied) and Jérôme is suspected of being the instigator. Which does not prevent him from separating from his wife Annabelle and starting a new life with Julia, a model. A romance extracted from the true relationship between Arnaud Mimran and Claudia Galanti.

Of money and blood (Canal+): who is Claudia Galanti, Arnaud Mimran’s partner who inspired the character of Julia?

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In the series, Julia, played by Olga Kurylenko, makes her first appearance in a nightclub, just before Bouli’s murder. She then arrives at the crime scene. Weynachter’s service describes her as a former Spanish television dancer who toured the casino world with the criminal gang and who encourages Attias to have a crazy lifestyle. In real life, Arnaud Mimran met Claudia Galanti in 2010, when she was in the middle of the carbon tax scam. She is a Paraguayan top model who has a career in Spain. If she began her career climbing to all the podiums in Europe in the late 1990s, she quickly turned to the world of television participating in various series and shows. When he met Mimran, he regularly appeared on tabloid covers.

Of money and bloodpart 2: the terrible experience lived by Arnaud Mimran and Claudia Galanti in life

Claudia Galanti and Arnaud Mimran remained together from 2010 to 2014. A period in which the couple gave birth to three children: Liam, born in 2011, Tal, born in 2012 and Indila, born in early 2014. But, then, The couple separated during the summer of that same year, in December a tragedy occurred. The youngest, Indila, died suddenly in her sleep from a bacteriological infection when she was only nine months old. Then each one rebuilds their lives. Arnaud Mirman takes as his companion Tamara Pisnoli, an Italian suspected by the Roman police of kidnapping, kidnapping, torture and extortion. Claudia Galanti, for her part, has a long history with businessman Tommaso Buti.

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