Which winter series to choose to keep warm?

  • real detective and fargo are two cult anthology series returning this January for a new season.
  • These thrillers also have in common that they take place in a snowy setting, but they also offer a critical and disenchanted look at American society.
  • The two series were received differently. Some praise their uniqueness, while others consider these cult titles to be a bit old-fashioned now.

The snow, we remove it, comes back. Always. And again. And we, poor sad souls… Oh no, enough! There is no such thing as the winter blues that lasts. All this thanks to two series that return to the screens: real detective and fargo.

These two thriller giants are far from sharing only the proximity of online publications and a snowy environment. First, they are both anthology series. Each season tells a story in its own right. season 4 of real detective like season 5 fargo Therefore, they can look at each other without having seen the previous ones.

Plus, they are the same age. Both series, launched in 2014, represent a certain golden era of American series. The year also welcomed The Leftovers, The Knick, The Affair, Halt and Catch Fire, How to Get Away With Murder…In short, that’s good. That year was one of the last great years of HBO, a time when Netflix was just beginning to compete with American pay networks and channels in the field of quality series…

Two series, two styles

Finally, these two series have in common that they are quite unique in their kind. fargo, inspired by the movie of the same nameby the Coen brothers, cultivates absurd humor, polite and strange violence, and cleverly intertwined plot threads. real detectiveFor its part, it is a tortured seriesvery stylizedthat spans two intertwined eras and often relies more on the quality of its performers than its setting.

At a time when the term “cult” is abused when we talk about series that have just reached season 2, real detective and fargo They are young legends… who also have a lot to make up for. real detectivespent his season 1 with the duo. Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, disappointed later. Too many tricks and few good ideas. For fargo, is less clear. But also in this case season 1 is still by far the best. The following had the audacity to do fargo a series “nothing bad, nothing more”, one more series in short. Unforgivable.

Frozen version of America

So how much are these new deliveries worth? Let’s start with real detective. For the first time, the series heads north: Alaska. With Jodie Foster in the lead role and very good performers around her, this season is strong. The plot is also in tune with the customs of the series: uninteresting. We wonder who kidnapped this team of scientists and what dose of fantasy weighs, or does not, on the mystery. But the essential is not there. A twilight mystique emerges from the first episodes that adhere to the long winter night ofAlaskaand the decline of a society of eternal American settlers.

fargo does not paint a more optimistic portrait of America. The series is also a success, but because it goes a little outside the usual framework by making this season a plea against patriarchal violence and against all of Trumpist America. However, it abandons neither the absurd nor its sense of (apparently) disjointed narration. Finally, borrow from real detective its form of narrative in two different periods.

Mixed receptions

Available on pass Warner from Prime Video, real detective, an HBO series, was received differently by its first viewers. If some praise the quality of the staging, others find it, no pun intended, cold. For many media, Americans in particularthe rediscovered formal quality of real detective does it A little corny. For others, however, the symbolic power of the series makes it unique in son genre.

fargo (available on Canal+) also caused conflicting reviews. If the acting duo formed by Juno Temple and jon hamm is unanimously hailed as an absolute success, the political dimension makes, for some, the weakest point of the series. Others, however, have fully adhered to the eternal social criticism formulated by characters who are so many American archetypes. fargo thus shares one last point in common with real detective : Their uniqueness makes them analyzed as works out of time. Winter weather despite everything.

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