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Adventurer’s Apprentice 7, It’s almost finished! Indeed, starting this Monday, March 25, 2024, we begin the last week of broadcast. Last Wednesday we discovered that the brown ones, Eloïse and Nacca, had qualified directly for the grand final by beating the pink ones, Cassandra and Giovanni, to everyone’s surprise.

We just earned our place in the finals! We just had a fantastic comeback! Who would have thought that we would be the first to win the place in the final, even though we have been losing all the events for days? Is incredible !“, the people of Marseille rejoiced.

A few days later, it was the red ones, Vivian and Beverly, who won their place for the last stage of the adventure during the voting ceremony, after a very strange choice by Giovanni. In fact, the latter voted against his own team, because he wanted to duel against the grays, Louana and Gabriel, to eliminate them alone.

Who from the pinks or the grays were eliminated at the gates of the final?

Well unfortunately for him, as we discovered in this Monday’s episode, March 25, 2024, now available on 6play Max, not everything went as planned during the duel. The test consisted of finding keys in a jar full of insects, the phobia of her partner Cassandra. Simón Castaldi’s ex challenged his fear, but it was not enough and it was the grays who qualified.

That’s it, we are in the final! Come on roses, goodbye! I’m sorry Cassandra, I like you, but I hate your boyfriend. (…) I am super proud of myself, I am super proud of Louana. We had no doubt. Despite the panic, we were able to calm down and set the record straight, so, frankly, this place in the final, we are going to try it“, rejoices Gabriel, who we will soon find in the incredible cast of The powerW9’s new reality show.

I’m at the end of my life

I’m at the end of my life. I know I’m out. I know it’s over, that I won’t have a second chance. I’m eliminated at the gates of the final, it’s the worst place to be.“, regrets Casandra, for her part.

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It’s over, we lost. I tell myself that this is not the end of this ordeal, it is the end of the adventure. I tried something. I voted against because I wanted to do this duel, I wanted to get the grays out. But it wasn’t worth it, we won’t reach the final. Our adventure ends like this and, frankly, I’m disappointed. (…) This was clearly the worst test for us today. Despite all that, Cassandra still had the courage to raise her hands. She tried. We gave our best. I’m still pretty frustrated because I feel like she could have given more, but hey, at this event we were pretty limited. Today we are removed and well done gray.“, reacts, for his part, Giovanni.

Who will win, red, gray or brown? Adventurer’s Apprentice 7 ? Response at the end of the week!

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