Where is the sequel to the visionary pandemic film starring Jude Law?

The Covid pandemic was almost anticipated by the film Contagionbut where is the potential sequel to the film with Jude Law and Kate Winslet?

When Contagion Arriving in Venice in 2011 after being shot in total silence (and with a dream cast, including Jude Law, Kate Winslet and Marion Cotillard), the film convinced the press and viewers. But it is since the pandemic it has really found its audience. Besides, Contagion has had a second life thanks to Netflix (and Covid).

At the same time, everything seems almost too unlikely to be true. We remember that the pandemic came from Asia and was the result of unregulated animal husbandry, and that everything resulted in total chaos, between omnipresent masks and conspiracy theories… No, we are not talking about Covid-19 but about the film written by Scott Z. Burns and directed by Steven Soderbergh. To add another layer to the myth, Jude Law claimed that experts working on Contagion had predicted a pandemic similar to that of Covid.

What if the Oscar-winning director Traffic I had planned to make a sequel, there has been no news for a long time. Where are we with this project? Contagion 2 ? We take stock.

Contagion: photo, Kate WinsletWhen your mother calls you because you forgot your certificate

A philosophical contagion?

Steven Soderbergh is a unique filmmaker, who has made a series of films dedicated to the general public (the entire saga from the ocean) and more experimental projects (Frontal, Bubble), even going through series (like K Street with George Clooney). And when he has an idea in mind, he launches it.

So where is the continuation of Contagion ? We remember that in 2020, the filmmaker mocked the project on the podcast. Happy Sad Confused :

“I have a project in development, which I’m working on with Scott Z. Burns, which is a philosophical sequel to Contagion, set in a different context. When you watch the two movies, they will look like two brothers, with different hairstyles. Scott and I wondered what could be the continuation of a Contagion-type story and we got to work. “We should probably hurry up a little.”

Contagion: photo, Jude LawFortunately we didn’t get to that point.

CONTAGION 2 cancelled? forget ?

And after that statement… well, not much. Since the end of 2020, The project seems to be paralyzed, while the director continues working on projects (as always, of course).

After The great crossing With Meryl Streep in 2020, Soderbergh has directed four films, including Presence which should premiere in 2024. He even worked on another series (full circlewhich arrives in February 2024 on Canal+), and is preparing a spy thriller (black bagwith Michael Fassbender and Cate Blanchett).

Contagion: photo, Jennifer EhleState of mind when you think about Contagion 2

But still no news Contagion 2, which may have a completely different name. We hope that the project has not been cancelled, because the prophetic dimension of the first one makes it particularly exciting.

And who knows, maybe the filmmaker and his screenwriter can surprise us once again by predicting the future… If so, we hope for a movie a little less distressing: we are in no hurry to return to confinement.

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