What happened to the Caméra Café actors in 2024?

Before giving way to kaamelottwhose actors have also changed a lot, coffee chamber was here TV series headlights M6. With more than 500 very short episodes, about 3 minutes long, it was the channel’s heyday between 2001 and 2004. Even today, it is possible to find retransmissions quite regularly. But what happened to him actors and actresses emblematic of the series, 20 years later? We discovered it together.

#1 hervé dumont / bruno solo

before after camera cafe 2024 bruno solo

Screenwriter, director, producer, film actor, theater actor… Bruno Solo plays many roles. Appeared a few times in kaamelottreplacing coffee chamber In M6 he later performed plays, films and series. Known for his more or less comic roles, played in the saga The truth is that I lie. In recent years, we see it mainly on television.

#2 jean-claude convenant / yvan le bolloc’h

before after coffee camera 2024 yvan le bolloc

Avant coffee chamberYvan Le Bolloc’h is best known as a television presenter. Less active in cinema, he continued acting in several series. He also appeared in an episode of kaamelott, in one of the first episodes. Maybe you’ve seen it in comedies. I’m hungry !!!, either The seminar.

#3 carole dussier-belmont / sylvie loeillet

before after coffee camera 2024 sylvie loeillet

Actress best known for her role in coffee chamberNowadays we don’t talk much about Sylvie Loeillet anymore. After a brain tumor in 2022, half of his face is partially paralyzed. This experience prompted her to write. Seen from the moona collection of optimistic stories.

#4 andré markowicz / philippe cura

before after coffee camera 2024 philippe cura

Philippe Cura is also an actor whose performances have never broken out onto the screen, and Therefore, his best-known role remains that of André in coffee chamber. He is also a radio host and notably joined the show. Lellouch on display at RMC in 2019.

#5 julie hassan / noémie elbaz

before after coffee camera 2024 noémie elbaz.jpg

Noémie Elbaz began her career in theater at the age of 19. before becoming known thanks to coffee chamber and then take on some film roles. He also played several roles in television series (Camping Paradis, Research section, Tomorrow belongs to us). Still active in the theater, He also tried to direct.

#6 Frédérique Castelli / Valérie Decobert

before after coffee camera 2024 valérie decobert

While acting in a play, Valérie Decobert met Yvan Le Bolloc’h and became friends with him. It is this relationship that allows you to be chosen Coffee chamber. Subsequently, he starred in numerous films and series. In recent years you have seen her in Lady of Sang, Clemeither such a big sun. Since the 2010s, He has also tried his hand at dubbing on several occasions.

#7 Serge touati / marc andréoni

before after coffee camera 2024 marc andréoni

Marc Andréoni has starred in dozens of films since the ’80s, and also produced and directed a few in the early 2000s. He is known for having written the work. Zonzón, Adapted to film in a film with Jamel Debbouze, in which he also acts. He rubbed shoulders with Bruno Solo in The truth is that I lie 2 and 3, and played three times for Luc Besson (banlYoI was 13, Taxi 4 either Three days to kill).

#8 Vincent Schneider / Your promise is there

before after coffee camera 2024 karim adda

Most famous for his roles in coffee chamber and in the movie Killer(s) by Mathieu Kassovitz, Karim Adda co-writes and co-produces the hit series. Home scenes. He made a short film called Step 17which won several awards in 2008. This already happened the previous year with his other short film, I have many projects.

#9 nancy langeais / shirley bousquet

before after coffee camera 2024 shirley bousquet

Shirley Bousquet is an actress used to long-running series! Of coffee chamber has such a big sungoing by Under the sun, You have probably already seen the actress on French television. A lover of comedy, he entered theater very early. Accustomed to minor roles on the big screen, they are also known for loving combat sports and extreme sports.

#10 maéva nasturtium / armelle

before after coffee camera 2024 armelle

Armelle (or Armelle Lesniak) is an actress and comedian who, like many other personalities on this list, became known thanks to coffee chamber. In cinema, he appeared especially in films. relaxation area and The seminar. Also active in theater (she recently appeared in the play The traveling mink), has participated several times in radio broadcasts and game shows.

#11 sylvain müller / alexandre pesle

before after camera coffee 2024 alexandre pesle

Alexandre Pesle made his television debut at the end of the 80s on Canal+, writing in particular for programs like nowhere else. As a screenwriter, he also wrote for the series. h, or even for Les Nuls. She has performed two solo shows and hosts the show. The Great Bazhart since 2016. He is currently starring in the play. The happiest of the three.

#12 jean-guy le cointre / gérard chaillou

before after coffee camera 2024 gerard chaillou

Active since the early 1970s, Gérard Chaillou has appeared in dozens of films and television series, and has appeared in dozens of plays. In April he will act in the film. May our joy remain.

#13 Jeanne Bignon / Jeanne Savary

before after coffee camera 2024 jeanne savary

Jeanne Savary is an actress known for coffee chamber, but also for her roles as Hélène in the series. Nestor Burma and that of Marjorie Le Kervelec in the series In family. She also starred in the series. h. Like other actors and actresses on this list, he appeared in movies. The seminar and relaxation area. He is also actively involved in the dubbing industry, either in animated films or to dub foreign actresses like Helena Bonham Carter (twice).

#14 philippe gatin / alain bouzigues

before after coffee camera 2024 alain bouzigue

Alain Bouzigues worked several times with Laurent Baffie in the theater and obtained quite important roles in several successful series (Baron Noir, A boy, a girl, Skam, Nude). Between feature films, short films, series and plays, Bouzigues has not stopped since the mid-90s.

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