“What a luxury!” : this ghost story from the ghost’s point of view “is out of the ordinary” and did not leave the first viewers indifferent – Actus Ciné

Between an original proposal and an overdose of stress (to the point that viewers left the room), “Presence,” Steven Soderbergh’s new film, caused a sensation at the Sundance Film Festival.

This is one of those festivals that viewers and film professionals love so much! This year’s Sundance could very well be Presence, a new feature film by Steven Soderbergh, highly highlighted in the past with his first film, Sex, Lies and Video.

The story of this film takes place in a house inhabited by an unknown force. Particularity: it is told from the point of view of this unknown spirit.

According to critics and spectators present, the film has already caused a sensation, even provoking strong reactions. The festivals would have left the room. One of them even said as he left: “I can’t handle this amount of stress!“.

According Variety, the actresses and actors of the film themselves would have been very shocked by the screening of the film. Lucy Liu notably stated, in Variety, to have been “devastated“by projection.”My body reacts like it’s not in the movie!“Variety has a detailed account of this screening.

Is the movie that unbearable? These are some of the reviews found on the web.

Presence by Steven Soderbergh is a fun and disturbing ghost story and a horror story that is very gripping in its own way. Stunning in its horror, it is also a very nuanced drama about family conflict.

Presence, Steven Soderbergh’s latest film, is a haunted house movie with a brilliant concept. (…) Lucy Liu carries the film to its exciting denouement “.

This “Presence” by Steven Soderbergh is a very original take on a ghost story/Rich, sad and funny. Very intelligent script by David Koepp. What a luxury!

It makes me happy to be able to write that Presencia is out of the ordinary. This is a tremendously fun and spooky ghost story told exclusively from the ghost’s point of view. That’s all you need or should know. May Soderbergh and Koepp spend the rest of their lives making movies together“.

How I like Steven Soderbergh’s experiments. Basically, it’s a ghost story that’s fascinating in its form and very gripping in its thinking about the genre. I love how this is all taking shape and we get the feeling that Soderbergh is coming up with a stronger concept than usual.“.

And finally, here is the review from the Deadline site.

The release date of Presence is not yet known in France.

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