We will collect tomorrow: a formula to tame

There are no false promises, as they had made in the past, but a true bond of trust that Beaudoin has maintained with the France team since then. Mammoth in the Pamplemousse media.

As you will see on Thursday at 9 p.m. on Télé-Québec, we have never seen anything like it on television: a half-variety, half-fiction show, filmed in a private residence in Longueuil, where the star guests play, sing with an orchestra, They confide by the pool and discuss their worst flaws.

The first guests are Patrice Bélanger, Véronic DiCaire and Katherine Levac, while Pierre Kwenders and Jacobus are in charge of the musical part and Antoine Olivier Pilon acts as presenter in the scripted part.

There is no audience, but there are about twenty paid extras, who play as hard as they can and dance, without even sitting down when the music is less pleasant to them, like at our usual parties.

I really liked the musical segments, as well as the theme of the show, by Jean-Sébastien Houle. In the first, Véronic DiCaire offers a perfect interpretation of frivolous things, Sia’s larger-than-life hit. Then, she takes up her own radio success. Feeling happy, do you remember? Magic happens again.

Pier-Luc Funk also sings a song at the end of the show, the first of which ends in the bathtub.

Furthermore, I often had the impression that I was witnessing a party to which I was not invited, especially during matches.

Playing musical chairs can be a lot of fun. Watching people play musical chairs is less so, even when the players are Katherine Levac and Patrice Bélanger.

Added to the rest is a written sketch, separated into three parts, with a guest star. The second week, Pascale Bussières, in an existential crisis, acts like a rebellious teenager; Pier-Luc catches her stealing her TV before handcuffing himself in the bathroom and suggesting they cheat at the casino.

Peculiar and absurd, the sketches impose a break in the tone of the rest of the group. Either we embark and let ourselves be carried away by the third degree, or time seems a bit long.

In the coming weeks you will be able to see Nathalie Simard playing beer pongas well as Luce Dufault and Fabiola Aladin (vikings, I go to you, Beautiful and big ass) perform a techno version of under the wind.

I love Pier-Luc Funk, so I’ll give this original concept time to find its identity. At least we dare, we try something that is unlike anything else.

Twelve one-hour broadcasts are planned. Among the guests: Mayor Bruno Marchand, Élyse Marquis, Mona de Grenoble, Phil Roy, Christine Morency and Marc Hervieux.

Too short, Chef?

After the first broadcast on Monday at 7:30 p.m., several readers reported finding the Quebec version of Chef too short.

This is because the 30-minute daily version should not be confused with the more common 60-minute weekly version.

Did TVA make the right decision by programming this popular concept daily instead of once a week? On Monday, 720,000 curious people wanted to see what the candidates fighting for the 16 places in the contest were capable of, compared to 853,000 The eye of the cyclone on ICI Télé.

As I wrote previously, it will take a few shows for presenters and judges Martin Picard and Stefano Faita to familiarize themselves with the mechanics of the format and become more relaxed.

Stefano Faita and Martin Picard, judges of <i>MasterChef Quebec</i>.” src=”https://lescoopsdelinformation-le-soleil-prod.web.arc-cdn.net/resizer/XrH7xIemJvyZJ3ED_vFlHEgrYWg=/1440×0/filters:format(jpg):quality(100)/cloudfront-us-east- 1.images.arcpublishing.com/lescoopsdelinformation/2B7Q5CXR4RGLBMCCDSVTDG2XBI.jpg” width=”1440″ height=”0″ loading=”lazy”/></picture><figcaption>
<p class=Stefano Faita and Martin Picard, the judges of MasterChef Quebec. (Bertrand Exertier)

According to preliminary data from Numeris, 1,435,000 followers were happy to find STATISTICS On Monday night on ICI Télé, in front of 1,213,000 on Indefensible to VAT.

At 8 pm., 5e rang (894,000) prevails over witches (573,000) and the first of Every second counts (361,000), while at 9 p.m., Alerts (690,000) ahead Reasonable doubt (416,000), back for a third season, and I go to you (257,000).

He Bye crosses 4.5 million

He Goodbye 2023 was watched in total by 4,569,000 viewers on ICI Télé, according to confirmed data from Numeris, which includes people who recorded the program to watch later.

This is a slight decrease compared to last year, when 4,706,000 revelers attended.

The station specifies that the Bye It reached the 4.5 million viewer mark for the fourth consecutive year and remains the most watched show of all time.

Followed by 2,383,000 viewers, Live from New Year’s Day recorded its second best audience in its history, after last year’s 2,493,000.

Infoman 2023 It improves its score from last year by attracting 3,505,000 viewers, compared to 3,236,000 in 2022.

Behind the scenes of Goodbye interested 1,976,000 curious people, while 969,000 followed it Behind the scenes of Live on New Year’s Day. Finally, Next year It was seen by 1,806,000 followers.

That same night, on TVA, Vlog – The year in summary attracted 575,000 spectators, 450,000 continued with PA Méthot: The millennium partywhile the movie Dune by Denis Villeneuve, presented in its premiere, attracted 215,000 spectators.

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