“We were very lucky to be able to experience this”: Quebec filmmaker Vincent René-Lortie remembers his “magical” evening at the Oscars

Although he didn’t take home the precious golden statuette, young Quebec filmmaker Vincent René-Lortie savored every moment of his Oscar experience on Sunday night.

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His night’s sleep was short, but Vincent René-Lortie still had his head in the clouds when The newspaper I reached him by phone Monday afternoon in Los Angeles.

No, he did not win the Oscar for best fiction short film, for which his film was nominated. Invincible, an ode to the memory of a childhood friend who died too young. The prestigious award was finally awarded to The wonderful story of Henry Sugara Netflix production directed by the famous American filmmaker Wes Anderson.

“Of course, there was a small moment of disappointment when the winner was announced, but it dissipated pretty quickly,” admits the 30-year-old director.

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“In the end we had a really nice evening. We were very lucky to be able to experience this!”

Vincent René-Lortie said he especially enjoyed the moments spent with his film’s crew as they all prepared for the evening together. About twenty people who worked on the filming ofInvincible I had traveled to Los Angeles to experience this.

“For me that was the best moment of the day,” he insists.

“We spent three or four hours getting ready, the whole gang together, listening to music and drinking champagne, in the sun. The energy was super good. It was magical. I think I preferred those moments to the ceremony itself because when you get to the room, it becomes intense and stressful, like a whirlwind.”

Director Vincent René-Lortie (center) surrounded by some members of the crew of his film “Invincible” on the Oscars red carpet


After the Oscars

After the gala, Vincent René-Lortie attended the traditional Governors’ Ball (the reception that follows the Oscar ceremony) before ending the evening at a party hosted by Robbie Ryan, the film’s director of photography. poor creaturesone of the big winners of the evening with four awards.

“We met Robbie Ryan, who to me is a legend, before the ceremony, and he invited us to a party he was hosting in a garage,” says Vincent-René Lortie. It was a very fun and unpretentious party. There we finished the evening with the whole team.”

After spending an entire month in Los Angeles to increase the number of professional meetings and promote his short film to Oscar Academy voters, Vincent René-Lortie will return to Montreal this week. Could this Oscar nomination have an impact on the rest of his career?

“I met some really nice people (during my stay in Los Angeles), but there’s a part of me that can’t wait to get back home to my little apartment to write my next movie, a feature,” admits the young filmmaker.

“I don’t want to make a movie to go back to the Oscars. I want to make a film that looks like me and that allows me to tell a personal story that I want to tell. “I don’t think the Oscars are necessarily going to change much.”

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