We finally know which stars will participate in the new season and it promises a lot of laughs

It is the program that generates expectation every season, with hilarious sequences that have become a cult. And Philippe Lacheau’s show, which will soon return with a season 4 on Prime Video, has just revealed his new casting, which is very tempting!

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This is one of Prime Video’s biggest successes: in recent years, the streaming platform has relied heavily on French productions with diverse casts that could bring together the largest number of people in front of the screen. Whether in fiction, with the series. Accompanying boys which features personalities such as Guillaume Labbé and Carole Bouquet, or successful shows such as Hunted celebrity, where we can discover Léna Situations and Michaël Youn on the run. But the flagship of these successes made in France remains without a doubt the show adapted and presented by Philippe Lacheau, LOL: he who laughs, comes out, which has been a success for three seasons now. And the concept, which sees several French personalities locked in a room for several hours without being able to laugh, was even seen in a Halloween version in late 2023 with LOL: he who screams, comes out. Although the fourth season of the original show is already on the starting grid, we already know which participants will be on the starting line.

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LOL whoever laughs, comes out : After Leïla Bekhti and Jonathan Cohen, who will accept the challenge?

The third season of the show was marked by many cult moments. While we remember Leïla Bekhti’s funny imitation of Elvis Presley, or Pierre Niney as an astronaut, who can match these sequences that generated a stir? According to information from Parisian, star youtubers McFly and Carlito In fact I would have signed, enough to allow Prime Video to attract its large community of 7.3 million subscribers (on YouTube alone). Famous comedians, also known for their mastery of humor, will challenge the tandem. So, Jérôme Commander, Marina Fois and Alba Ivanov should try to win the contest for an association. Does the casting already seem promising to you? Hold on tight because they will be facing the sister of one of the show’s big winners, namely Audrey Lamy.

This actor who is a success on Netflix will also be in the casting for season 4 of LOL whoever laughs, comes out

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To complete this impressive list of names, Philippe Lacheau also managed to convince the actor. Jean-Pascal Zadiwhose series Instead was a hit on Netflix, to participate in the festivities. He will be joined by other highly prestigious personalities, such as the comedian Redouane Bougheraba, in full success with his show They call me Marseillecurrently available on Prime Video, or Alison Wheeler, the comedian who recently left the show. Daily to dedicate himself to touring with his new show. Therefore, you will have to come well armed with pranks and traps to hope to win this season 4 of LOL: he who laughs comes out!

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