Was Soufiane Guerrab really attacked by a crow in the France 3 TV movie? He answers

Inside The killer forestwhich France 3 broadcasts this Saturday, March 9 at 9:10 p.m., Soufiane Guerrab he plays a policeman transferred against his will to the depths of the Cévennes and forced to team up with the lieutenant of the local gendarmerie, played by Helen of Fougerolles (who recently announced the renewal of his series Sam), to solve a crime. A police film for television, therefore, but that plays a little with the usual codes. Télé-Loisirs was able to meet the actor, whose fans Caesar Wagner and Lupine I know this particularly well…

The killer forest : “I’m glad we don’t necessarily fit into the usual codes of a traditional police investigation.”Soufiane Guerrab explains why she decided to act in the TV movie France 3

Télé-Loisirs: The television movie is harsh and raw, especially in its staging. It’s an unusual approach, isn’t it?
Soufiane Guerrab
: When I start a project, it’s always because it frustrates expectations. I always wonder where we are going, to what and in what way. I’m constantly trying to see how we can get away from what we can imagine before we even see the series, the TV movie or the movie. This is very marked in Les bois assassines and I am glad that we do not necessarily fit into the usual codes of a traditional police investigation.

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Your character reflects this approach: he is bitter…
He is going through a very difficult stage, which does not help to bring out his nicer side. He’s lost, lost. He is also angry, frustrated, almost angry. Finding himself, facing his loneliness in the middle of the forest, as happens in the TV movie, is very interesting. As a result, this story is also one of learning. That of my character in relation to himself but also in relation to others. Les bois Assassins addresses the question of human bonds, those that unite individuals who initially do not understand each other but who will end up listening to and understanding each other.

Your character is also always questioned. We always wonder if it will cross the red line, the limit…
This is the limit of morality. The limit of his morality. My character is a complete person, capable of making mistakes when he believes in something. I like that. Although everyone is against him and tells him that it is a big mistake, he tries. His true limit is what he feels, how he sees things. Deep down he is a really good person, with flaws and weaknesses obviously, but a good person. Furthermore, the idea of ​​justice and morality is at the center of the discussion he has with the character of Hélène de Fougerolles.

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The killer forest : Was Soufiane Guerrab really attacked by a crow in the France 3 TV movie? He answers !

In a scene of Killer forests, your character is violently attacked by a crow. How did you shoot it?
It’s a scene that works very well! But I’m not going to tell you all the secrets! (Laughs.) Just know that it’s magical. We had all the ingredients to do this magic trick. Of course, we wondered if it was going to work. This is the case. We are happy.

Was this learning also common between you and your partners? Helen of Fougerolles and Raika Hazanavicius?
I really loved working with Hélène and Raïka. They are simple, bright, happy actresses. We laughed a lot despite the darkness of the subject and the settings. I also do this work to meet people. What I remember most about my job is this: meeting people.

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