VIDEO “It would have been very nice if my mother and I had made “La Voix” together” – Ange-Élie, 17 years old

Ange-Elie Ménard, 17, surprised coaches with the precision of her voice during her blind audition on Sunday at Voice. Some will recognize her because she played Annie in the musical of the same name two years ago.

  • The young woman from Kanata, Ontario, performed after her mother, Marie-Ève ​​Tremblay, who unfortunately was not held back by the coaches during her performance of the song. It’s so peaceful, by Björk. Mario Pelchat, who knows her, regretted not having pressed her button. The coaches, however, turned to Ange-Elie, who revisited and bamby Mentisa
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Ange-Elie Ménard during her blind audition.


Ange-Elie Ménard’s mother, Marie-Ève ​​Tremblay, went just before her daughter to the blind auditions. However, no coach turned to her.


No doubt heartbroken at the time, the 43-year-old mother was able to console herself a few minutes later by watching her daughter join the France D’Amour team, which she believes has found the one who will win the competition season. It should be noted that France blocked Roxane Bruneau.

“In a perfect world, it would have really been hot what my mother and I do Voice together. It was a disappointment at the time, but my mother was proud of what she did. It was I who felt most sorry for her,” said Ange-Élie, who only learned of her mother’s fate after her singing tour.

Already a lot of experience

Although she is very young, the teenager has a lot of experience. She not only participated in the musical. Annie – she played the lead role alternating with Kayla Tucker – but also won first prize at the Saint-Ambroise Song Festival last year.


He also accompanied his mother who sang on the program for a long time. December, by Quebec Issime. Then, one day, she and her brother Jean-Augustin alternately shared characters, to the point that she joined the company in turn.

“That’s where I grew up, with that gang, it’s a super important gang for me. Later I dream of reprising the role of my mother, because I know it by heart. Behind the scenes, I was doing her numbers at the same time as her,” Ange-Elie confided in an interview with the QMI agency.

In his house, music is queen. Only his military father is not pushing the bill. And the tradition of singing goes back to grandmother, to the point that we hum from mother to daughter at home.

There is no shortage of avenues for her future, such as medicine and criminology, but for now music seems to want to win Ange-Elie’s heart. He will be moving to Montreal this spring and plans to do a double DEC in music and natural sciences.

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