VIDEO Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine tries to give a surprising nod to François Civil… The actor’s reaction is worth it!

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This Monday, March 25, 2024, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine invited François Civil to the set of “C à vous” to recover from his news. Wanting to honor (and in her own way) her distinguished guest, the hostess had the merit of amusing him despite herself for a hilarious reason. Explanations!

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, eager to bring back François Civil’s news, recently invited him to the set of “C à vous” on France 5. Knowing that his parents are Spanish teachers, the presenter wanted to try a tirade in Spanish for a launch. .. A detail that naturally made the entire assembly laugh! © France 5, C to you

The rest after the announcement.

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, one of the most popular PAF presenters to date, stands out above all for her freshness but also for her numerous mistakes. On the set of his show c to youThe presenter does not leave anyone indifferent with her cheerful personality. This Monday, March 25, 2024, the great accomplice of his columnist Bertrand Chameroy had the honor of being able to interview François Civil, a rising figure in the French seventh art.

came to promote No waves, a new film in which he stands out, the actor plays on screen a teacher unfairly accused of harassment by one of his students. Then a real descent into hell will be organized for you. Upon learning that François Civil’s parents were Spanish teachers, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine launched into a tirade in this language to make a pitch… Enough to make the brilliant actor howl with laughter, but also all the columnists of he.

A new and hilarious sequence

It’s a risky evening, but I like it!“, -said François Civil, hilarious. During her exchange, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine also reacted to the hiccups that the latter apparently frequently causes when she laughs: “Yes, it’s true… Taking risks, once again!

Among her teams, the sparkling blonde can boast unanimous approval. Everyone is full of praise for him! “She is able to go from joking to total seriousness in an instant, whether on set or in the office, where she works from morning to night like crazy (…)“, assured its columnist Bertrand Chameroy for the magazine ELLE.

A speech similar to that of Mohamed Bouhafsi, his colleague at France 5: “It can seem light and fun in the air, while its level of demand is crazy. During my first year, I could still go read my column aloud to her, although every minute of her time was limited. She doesn’t listen to others, she listens to them.“.

The rest after the announcement.

The rest after the announcement.

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