Unlike Myriam, Patrick did not want to give his amulet to Emma.

Injured to her ankle, Myriam made the decision to leave the show Beijing Express, in the footsteps of the golden tiger. The student and her grandfather Patrick packed their bags at the end of episode 5, broadcast on Thursday, March 14, 2024 on M6. They left room for the last eliminated: the Corsican teammates overthrown during episode 4. Before, as required by the regulations, the duo had to pass on their amulet to another couple who was still in contention. It is not such an easy decision to make.

“She felt they deserved it.”

“We did not have perfect harmony during the adventure” acknowledges Patrick, 68 years old. With his granddaughter, there were moments of tension during the race… Even a few minutes before definitively abandoning the adventure. “We disagreed about the amulet” tells us. Grandfather wanted to pass it on to Laura and Romain. “They come from the north, like me! “I wanted them to be able to continue defending our region.” explains to us.

But Myriam had another idea in mind: she wanted to support Emma and Jérôme by giving them this famous amulet to reward their combativeness. “She felt like they deserved it because they had won all the immunity trials. I didn’t agree! » Patricio tells us. His granddaughter also formed a strong bond with Emma during the race. “She explained to me that they had become friends. » To decide, they decided to cast lots. Patrick lost. Myriam was able to pass the amulet to Emma and her father.

“No one shot themselves!” »

Before leaving, Patrick took the time to chat with the two northerners, Laura and Romain. “I told them: I hope they bring the cup home! » he reveals to us. To find out if his wish will come true, he has no choice but to watch all the episodes on M6. “I especially don’t want to know who will win before the viewers! I want the surprise like everyone else! »

Even if Patrick wants a representative from the North to win this 18my season, that doesn’t mean they don’t like the other contestants. “We had warm relationships with all the couples. Nobody shot themselves in the legs! With the other couples we didn’t have the slightest problem,” assures us.

“We love them”

He also says he is delighted that his Corsican colleagues are returning to the show thanks to Myriam’s withdrawal for medical reasons. “We love them,” he swears. An opinion that he shares with his granddaughter with whom he is very close. “When I saw that the envelope was not eliminatory, I knew that the Corsicans were going to return. “That comforted me a little.” Myriam, who lives 400 km from her grandfather, tells us.

The tensions between Myriam and Patrick have not deteriorated their beautiful relationship. “We call each other very frequently. When something happens to me, I call him right away! » – the work-study student swears. “I don’t blame him for giving up. If he had continued, with his double sprain, he could have had after-effects! » adds Patrick, who says he is very proud and impressed by his granddaughter.

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