Two iconic characters from the series get married in one of the new episodes broadcast this Wednesday, February 14!

This is an event for fans of The resident. TF1 broadcasts the 100th episode of the medical series this Wednesday, February 14. A remarkable episode as it celebrates the union of two emblematic characters of the American series… We’ll tell you more!

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The resident, Keep going ! A week ago, TF1 aired the first three episodes of the sixth and final season of the American series with Matt Czuchry (Conrad Hawkins), Bruce Greenwood (Randolph Bell) and Jane Leeves (Kitt Voss). This Wednesday, February 14, 2024, the first channel broadcasts starting at 9:10 p.m. a new burst of three new episodes of the medical series… And one of them will be especially memorable for fans of the series. In fact, the 100th episode titled For better and for worse It will be broadcast from 10:50 p.m. This hundredth issue will be worthily celebrated by the Chastain Memorial Hospital teams… with the wedding of two emblematic characters from the medical series.

The resident : During season 5, fans were worried about Randolph Bell’s character…

Sometimes chance makes things right. This Valentine’s Day, TF1 offers viewers of the American series the opportunity to follow an event highly anticipated by fans of Doctor Conrad Hawkins and his team: the wedding between Randolph Bell and Kit Voss. These two main characters of the series are bonded for life! However, it was not won. Let us remember that during the fifth season, the gastric surgeon was faced with terrible news about his state of health. The former director of the Atlanta hospital discovered that he had advanced multiple sclerosis. That’s why this wedding is so special for many fans of the series…

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The resident : excitement at the wedding between Randolph and Kit

This special episode is full of emotions. Fans prepare their tissue boxes! It’s the day of Kit and Randolph’s long-awaited wedding. Very quickly, this day takes a turn with a call from a major donor to the hospital. Her daughter suffers from liver failure. Equipped with a true professional conscience, Dr. Bell is forced to interrupt the rehearsals for his own wedding… And this day will be endless for the doctor. In fact, the child is in danger of death. The surgical team does not have a minute to lose. He urgently needs a liver transplant. The gastric surgeon ensures compatibility between mother and daughter. Fortunately, the results were positive. Unfortunately, this operation turns out to be much more complicated than expected. Very quickly, the team led by Doctor Bell is overwhelmed. The doctor is very late and interferes with their wedding ceremony. Luckily, Kitt Voss is very understanding of her partner’s professional obligations. Admiring her partner’s commitment, the orthopedic surgeon does not blame her. When the couple reunites, a lot of love emerges from this final scene. The two lovebirds get married surrounded by their many friends from the hospital… In short, this beautiful evening ends with beautiful moments.

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