“True Detective: Night Country”, journey to the end of the polar night

Published on January 14, 2024 at 10:00

The anthology created by Nic Pizzolatto ten years ago has the ability to immerse us each time in a unique universe. After Louisiana, northern California and the Ozarks, here we are this time immersed in the polar night of Alaska (although filming took place in Iceland). As Christmas approaches, the scientists at the Tsalal research station disappear before being found, a few days later, frozen in the ice, naked, with an expression of indescribable fear and a runic symbol attached to their faces. .

It’s up to Liz Danvers, the police chief of Ennis, a fictional town located in the state’s northernmost county, to unravel this strange affair. Stubborn, the fifty-year-old decides to team up with Evangeline Navarro, a former detective who hates her, but suspects a link to an old unsolved case: the mysterious murder of a young native.

Mystique of dimension

Two women at the forefront of the investigation is something new for this HBO series, written and directed for the first time by Mexican Issa López (“Tigers are not afraid”). To embody this duo of antagonistic police officers, two striking actresses: Jodie Foster, doubly talented in cinema, plays a confident and rational police officer despite her pain and her injuries; and Kali Reis, an indigenous world boxing champion, embodies a force of nature linked to the afterlife…

Although “Night Country” was not originally intended to be part of the famous anthology, this work is not different from the first three, but quite the opposite: broken characters whose personal journey is, ultimately, more important than the plot, with special mention Fiona Shaw as a former academic turned wildlife enthusiast, and a largely chilling and dark atmosphere.

Parallel to the investigation, the mystical dimension also makes its way through the beliefs of the natives and the ghosts that wander. A nod to the first season, the reference to Nietzsche’s eternal return (“time is a flat circle”) completes the disastrous picture of an endless night within which “We are all stuck”. Although the Nordic series have accustomed us to crimes in frozen expanses, this foray into darkness will leave its mark on the snow.

True Detective: Night Country (season 4)

American series

Created by Issa López

With Jodie Foster, Kali Reis, Finn Bennett, Fiona Shaw.

Six episodes. On Prime Video (with Warner Pass) on January 15.

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