Trevor Zegras disappointed by Montreal’s comments towards him

It’s hard to imagine how baffled and disappointed Trevor Zegras must be by the recent negative comments made about him by some Montreal media outlets.

As a rare opportunity to join the ranks of the Montreal Canadiens looms on the horizon, the Anaheim Ducks’ talented young forward finds himself unfortunately at the center of unfair criticism.

The controversy arose when Maxim Lapierre, a former Canadian player, expressed his reservations about Zegras’ contribution to the team. A little more and Lapierre called Zegras a coward.

Stéphane Waite joined this. The former CH goalkeeping coach and now member of the media belittles Zegras, saying the team couldn’t win with players of Zegras’ caliber.

“Trevor Zegras is fun with his goals at Michigan, but he doesn’t play hockey the right way. He plays to put on a show, but that doesn’t win.”

“He is an arrogant guy, who loves himself too much, who likes to make fun of his rival and who likes to put on a show. He is the second most hated player in the league after Brad Marchand.”

“There is a reason why he is on the market. At 21 years old, in a rebuilding team that needs forwards, that is a bad sign.”

These comments leave a bitter aftertaste, especially considering the young player’s impressive track record.

Trevor Zegras not only excelled on the international stage, but also played a key role in the United States’ victory at the World Junior Championships, earning the tournament’s MVP award in the process.

His on-ice connection with Cole Caufield, already a major force on the Canadiens team, should ensure that journalists don’t look down on him.

The negative reaction from the Montreal media towards Zegras even before his arrival to the team is, to say the least, disappointing, if not ridiculous.

It is difficult to understand why a player of this stature, so talented, is belittled by our media.

We should be excited that CH is one of the favorite teams to land him, especially when it comes to a talent as exceptional as Trevor Zegras.

Negative comments only create a hostile and unfair environment even before your “virtual” integration into the team.

Let’s hope Montreal Canadiens fans support this young hockey prodigy and give him the warm welcome he deserves if he becomes one of us.

The potential of Zegras is limitless. Instead of belittling him, we should see this as an incredible opportunity for the Canadian to get a player of exceptional caliber.

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