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(Re)discover “The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh”, a little-known Disney classic released in the 70s, and ideal for younger viewers.

In the room of a boy named Jean-Christophe there are many stuffed animals representing animals of all kinds. A rabbit, a tiger, a pig, an owl, two kangaroos, but above all… a bear cub. Called Winnie, the latter is the young man’s favorite companion, who imagines for him many adventures in an enchanted land called the Forest of Blue Dreams.

Whether she’s looking to get a new pot of honey, finding herself facing a formidable storm, or encountering the turbulent Tigger, Winnie is the hero of many stories.

Started by Walt Disney

Considered the 22nd animated classic from the Disney studios, released in theaters in 1977, The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh is actually a compilation of several medium-length films.

Acquired by Walt in the early 1960s, the rights to the original works signed by the British author Alan Alexander Milne gave rise to a first short film, Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree, which corresponds to the feature film of the first segment.

Walt Disney Animation Studios

After the death of Walt Disney, who unfortunately did not know the rest of his bear’s adventures, other Winnie stories were put into production, finally making up a film of more than an hour.

Winnie and the Haunted Studios

Beyond this first feature film – which benefits in particular from a particularly careful animation and a high-quality original soundtrack signed by the legendary Sherman brothers (who also collaborate on Mary Poppins or The Jungle Book) – the links that They now join the Disney studios and the bears stop renewing themselves.

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Later, within the famous haunted company, Winnie and her friends will become the heroes of 4 animated series, 6 other animated films and a live-action film centered on an adult Jean-Christophe (played by Ewan McGregor).

Tender, adorable and carefree, already lulled by the irresistible voice of Roger Carel, the first adaptation of the adventures of Winnie the Pooh is one of the Disney films aimed almost exclusively at the little ones (with the possible exception of a slightly terrifying scene ). , see below), and could therefore constitute an ideal introduction to the wonderful world of haunted studies.

Walt Disney Animation Studios

What you will like…

  • The character of Winnie, of course, a little stupid but adorable. And all his friends, from the kind Piglet to the energetic Coco Rabbit and the mischievous Tigger.
  • The different songs in the film, and in particular that of little cloud.

What could worry you…?

  • The nightmarish and almost psychedelic scene of the “éfélants” and the “nouifes”, a true tribute to the terrifying Elephant ride from Dumbo. We advise you to reserve this disturbing sequence for younger viewers.
  • Another quite terrifying scene with Coco Rabbit, when she gets lost in a sinister forest, halfway through the movie.

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