This sulfurous saga returns with a trailer that causes chills.

Get ready, the sequel to this sensual Netflix saga will arrive in less than a month! The platform has just revealed the trailer for the third part of the adventures of this couple with a tortured relationship. First images less sensual than one would expect…

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When it comes to hot sagas, Netflix knows it well! After the success of 365 daysthe streaming giant offered the film to its subscribers through my window, adapted from a novel by Venezuelan Ariana Godoy, published for the first time on the Wattpad platform. If the first book focused on Ares and Rachel, the two sequels focused on the Hidalgo brothers, Artemis and Apollo. For the film version, the platform decided to abandon this idea and, instead, dedicate three films to Ares and Raquel, whose relationship has not been easy. After having assumed their relationship at the end of the first part, the relationship between Raquel (Clara Galle) and Ares (Julio Peña Fernández, recently seen in the series Sedan) was destroyed at the end of the second film, released in June 2023 on Netflix. Eight months later, he returns to Spain with Through my window: face to faceavailable from February 23, 2024 on Netflix.

Through my window 3 (Netflix): a less sulfurous trailer but…

The least we can say is that the atmosphere is not that of nude scenes in this first trailer, see above. It must be said that nothing is going well between Ares and Raquel. After Yoshi’s funeral, the two exes moved in and each found solace on their own. Months have passed, Raquel’s book is about to be published and the young woman will cross paths with Arès again. In Barcelona, ​​in the middle of winter, their passion and the desire they feel for each other will be rekindled. But can they really be happy? Will family pressures definitely take over their love story? Although the images are less sulfurous, they still provoke a very present sexual tension. Enough to raise the temperature even higher!

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through my window : this movie that you will like while you wait for the 3rd part

If you can’t wait for the rest of the saga. through my windowso go to Prime Video to discover another movie of the genre that was a big hit in 2023. It isAgainst the direction which also takes place in Spain. This time we follow the complicated story between Noah and Nick. The first is a discreet young woman, forced by her mother to move in with her new partner. There she meets Nick, who is none other than the (rebellious) son of her mother’s lover. Her attraction is immediate, but Nick’s behavior turns Noah off. Against the direction, also adapted from a literary series, will have two other parts on Prime Video. Here you have the first information about the second part of the saga.

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