This science fiction film is inspired by an incredible hypothesis and was a failure in the cinema, it can be seen this afternoon on television

Like every Sunday night, movie time will arrive on TF1 this March 17, 2024. Starting at 9:10 p.m., the private channel will broadcast, for the first time unencrypted on television, moon fall.

What story and casting is behind the film? moon fall ?

This science fiction film, directed by Roland Emmerich, will focus on a mysterious force that causes the moon to fall. It threatens to crash into Earth. Former astronaut Jocinda Fowler believes she has the right solution to avoid disaster. The only problem with her is that few people believe in her. Except Brian Harper, an astronaut she knew, and KC Houseman, a conspiracy theorist. The trio decides to embark on an impossible mission…

In the cast of this American feature film, TF1 viewers will be able to find Halle Berry (Jocinda Fowler). She will share the bill with Patrick Wilson (Brian Harper), John Bradley (KC Houseman), Donald Sutherland (Holdenfield), Michael Peña (Tom Lopez) and Charlie Plummer (Sonny Harper). The cast will be completed by Kelly Yu (Michelle), Stephen Bogaert (Albert Hutchings) and Carolina Bartczak (Brenda López).

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An incredible hypothesis developed by Roland Emmerich

To develop his project, Roland Emmerich was inspired by an incredible hypothesis. “Some people believe that the Moon is not a natural object. I thought it was an intriguing premise for a movie. What would happen if this object fell on Earth? Of course, we would have to find a way to stop it. But I thought the same fascinating to talk about characters who embark on a mission to the Moon to save our planet, or the families who stay on Earth and fight to survive the cataclysms caused by the fall of the Moon.“he explained at the premiere of the film, as reported AlloCine.

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moon fall was released in theaters in 2022. The sci-fi film was far from a success for Roland Emmerich’s teams. During its screening in French theaters, it only aroused the curiosity of 342,251 spectators. Enough to prevent it from entering the top 50 of the most viewed feature films of the year…

TF1 will offer its viewers the opportunity to discover moon fall this Sunday, March 17, 2024 at 9:10 p.m. The private network will continue its evening with another science fiction film. Starting at 11:35 p.m., there will be a broadcast of Dunea feature film whose filming was very complicated for Rebecca Ferguson.

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