this personal drama that he went through and that bothered him during his duet with Pierre

Pierre and Julien offered to the spectators of the star academy a cocktail of emotions during prime time on Saturday, January 6. After singing a duet Before you leave, a title by Lewis Capaldi that talks about suicide, and having moved all the fans, they completely missed the event planned to surprise them. Victorien, who left the castle a few weeks ago, came on stage to join them. But Julien and Pierre, still caught up in the emotion of their piece, simply hugged each other without looking at Victorien. A failure that finally made everyone laugh, even during the main report, this Sunday, January 7. But what really caught everyone’s attention and in particular Cécile Chaduteau and her guest of the day, Alban Travia, Kendji Girac’s manager, was the intensity with which Julien sang. A strong interpretation that is explained by a personal drama experienced by the young man.

Julien explained why Lewis Capaldi’s song moves him so much

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“The message of this song particularly catches my attention for many personal reasons. I lost a loved one of mental suffering not long ago. So I was very involved in the duo but also very much in the personal story that I had lived.”Julien revealed during interrogation. “It was super electric, in the good sense of the word, between the two of you. We feel many emotions. “You, what you lived, you gave to Pierre”felt Alban Travia. “There’s a raw, raw side that they both had that was super interesting and super beautiful. Honestly, well done.” said the manager, who evidently loved this duet between Pierre and Julien.

Julien, overcome with emotion and stress, was disappointed with her vocal performance.

However, Julien, remembering his performance, was “upset” . “Just before, we had a fast change (when the artists change costumes between two performances, editor’s note), but the fastest of the adventure. (…) And indeed I arrived, I got fully involved but my heart did not follow me. “I was out of breath.”He noticed. “All songs with a very strong message like that, I am much more demanding of myself and that is why, when I see it again, I demand that it be better”continued one of the more advanced students of the adventure.

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