This is what the NHL will be like in 2035

It has become the worst kept secret in all four corners of the National Hockey League…

It’s definitely not the ideal scenario for players, their families, hockey industry and administrative employees and their families, but what do you want? In this era of social media, where Big Brother-style information gathering techniques abound, it is very difficult to keep a secret, especially when it comes to such important news.

As for email and mobile phone phishing, please understand that this is in no way an attack on the insider search used by traditional media artisans like Frank Seravalli, Elliotte Friedman or even Renaud Lavoie.

These guys are connected professionals who talk to everyone in the league and get their information most of the time from the front lines.

Above all, they would never transgress a clear ethical standard on the methods of obtaining sensitive information.

That said, the Coyotes will migrate to the Mormon state of Utah to establish themselves there starting next season.

Once empathy for the now unemployed personnel in Arizona is over, we must admit that this decision is as perfect as it is essential.

Coyotes simply could no longer be kept alive artificially in Arizona. It was downright embarrassing.

And, as frustrating as it may be for ardent proponents of the Norse return, myself included, this move to Utah makes a lot of sense…

Gary Bettman, by the way, I know we’re still trying to hate him, even despise him a little more. Still, once again, he pulls off a big hit. You should know that he could hardly act against the current owner of the Coyotes, since the latter is one of his bosses.

Gary and his gang have told him to leave an expansion concession open for him as soon as he can complete his project of buying land and building a new amphitheater. He also retains ownership of the Coyotes name to relaunch his club in expansion mode one day.

What this means is that, if the land acquisition and resort development project we’ve been seeing everywhere for several weeks comes to fruition, Phoenix will surpass Houston, Atlanta, Kansas City and, of course, Quebec in obtaining a franchise.

I sincerely doubt that this project can come to fruition in the desert. I think coyotes will migrate to Salt Lake City and never rise from the ashes in Phoenix…or from the ashes of the phoenix, depending.

Now, expansion… know that it is very real in Gary Bettman’s plans. Although it currently has 32 clubs, it only has 25 on American soil… and hockey recruiting territory being what it is, growing cities being what they are in countries where hockey is in advanced development… there is no doubt I keep in mind that the level of play will not drop one bit if the League accepts four new franchises via expansion…

However, we must take care of the existing teams and properly pamper the newcomers who will pay 1-1.5 billion to enter the big circle of hockey bosses.

So beware of those who misrepresent that two expansion franchises will be awarded in time for the 2026 season…that’s pure nonsense!

The expansions will be sold dearly, one group at a time, and there will be a minimum of two years between each allocation, the first probably in time for 2026.

Therefore, the National League will not reach the total of 36 franchises before at least 2035. Six teams, four divisions of four clubs, four of five clubs… regional rivalries in the foreground with games in number added against their enemy brothers of the franchises.

Two four-team Canadian divisions, West and East with the addition of Quebec to face Toronto, Ottawa and of course Montreal, since Geoff Molson is clearly in favor, plus…

Unless Atlanta, Houston, Kansas City and, unfortunately, Phoenix pass through Quebec…

If this were the case, I vow to never again recognize any good quality in Gary Bettman and, like many of you, find it repugnant.

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