this horror movie not recommended for children under 16 devours the best

First released in France in April 2023, this horror film by Sean Ellis is a hit among Netflix subscribers: it gets new first places every day!

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Eight for Silver (The damn in original version) was first presented to the public in January 2021 at the Sundance Film Festival. The premiere of the feature film, in Canada and the United States, took place on February 18, 2022 and it took almost a year for the French public to discover it. The horror thriller is available from April 1, 2023 on video on demand. Recently, Netflix acquired the streaming rights toEight for Silver, And in this new year 2024, the streaming platform’s subscribers were visibly eager to shake! Since its arrival in the catalog, the horror film has climbed positions in the top of Netflix; he is currently in third place in the ranking.

Eight for Silver number 3 on the top of Netflix, why is that?

The story of The damn It takes place in the 19th century, in the French countryside. The lifeless body of a fourteen-year-old boy is found in the woods and John McBride must determine if it is the work of a man or a beast. During his investigation, he will live with a wealthy landlord, Seamus Laurent, and his wife, Isabelle. They themselves are distressed because his son, a friend of the victim, has been missing for two weeks. Isabelle will find comfort in John’s arms as he faces the horrors of his past. Eight for Silver gives pride of place to the legend of the Beast of Gévaudan. But what exactly was the response from viewers when the film was released?

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The damn : an exceptional photograph to take advantage of a disappointing setting?

If we are to believe the opinions of viewers of The damn sure Assignedcomments about the horror thriller are quite mixed. Many are impressed by the photography and settings, but others are disappointed by the story: “Eight for Silver stands out for its gothic and gloomy atmosphere and its careful reproduction of the period, but it falls short in terms of rhythm and plot thread. We will regret an uneven rhythm throughout the film and especially in the last part, as well as a disjointed script with superficial and underdeveloped characters” writes one Internet user, accompanied by a second: “If we consider this film as an atmospheric film, we are spoiled: we have magnificent cinematography, an impeccable historical reconstruction and actors involved, in particular Boyd Holbrook, but also Alistair Petrie, who plays a character of appalling cynicism. So, what? an almost perfect movie? Let’s say it failed, because the monster is not great.”

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