This great actor made Peter Jackson desperate during his audition

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ringfirst part of the film adaptation of the trilogy written by Tolkien, hits French cinemas in December 2001. The films, which receive overwhelmingly positive reviews, also receive praise for their cast. Exactly, a well-known actor almost lent his features to the famous Frodo Bagginsbut he obviously had not been aware of the plot before carrying out the tests…

A highly coveted role

If he was perhaps more arrogant when assuming the important success feature films, many actors have tried their luck to shine in Jackson’s works. Of course, the main score, that of Frodo, attracted many suitors. Among the latter, a well-known face of American cinema, that of Jake Gyllenhaal (The Secret of Brokeback Mountain)especially revealed by his leading performance in the atypical Donnie Darko. Several years ago, Maggie Gyllenhaal’s brother indulged in hilarious confidences during an interview on the show. Tonight’s show starring Jimmy Fallon. There he remembers that The scene he had to act out had very little dialogue., but many staging directions. Another detail: Peter Jackson himself was present in the room.. Evidently, the latter undoubtedly has a vivid memory of the performance of the actor, who was not yet twenty years old.


In fact, the young man had, at one point, to takes the precious jewel at the center of the saga in your hand (it was the setting for the Rivendell town hall, an emblematic place that you can find here in Lego version). However, Gyllenhaal had not a priori appreciated the importance of the One Ring, since he grabbed it with indifference, like a common, everyday object.. in obvious coincidence in this great moment destabilized the filmmaker, who would later have He lowered his head and covered his face with his hands. with shame. Atmosphere. To justify his mistake, the actor blames, in part, the absence of details about the importance of the Ring in the pages that he was to learn. If you think things can’t get any worse, We recommend you read the following..

A bigger problem

Unfortunately, Jake Gyllenhaal’s ignorance of the story written by Tolkien did not end there. In a cross interview for The Hollywood Reporter, in which he talks, in particular, with Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto, the actor seen in Marvel says more about this complex audition. Then, after his first failure, had to try another sequence, this time with dialogue. Unfortunately for him, the presence of replicas was not synonymous with success, quite the opposite! As you can see in the video below, Jake Gyllenhaal was unaware of another important fact, that is, the inhabitants of Middle Earth are supposed to have an English accent

Totally unaware of this expectation, He hasn’t changed his way of speaking one bit., retaining his Californian accent. There, Peter Jackson then spoke:

You know you have to do a British accent?

Comedian He explained that he had not been warnedto which the New Zealand artist would have strongly advised him to “Fire your agents”. However, the interviewee has not lost motivation : He assures Jimmy Kimmel that he had to be asked to leave, so he ended up leaving the room… A total fiasco, confirmed shortly after to the interested party. Little resentful, he admits to having had I heard that his rehearsal represented “one of the worst auditions” for the Frodo score.. A missed appointment, therefore, for a position finally entrusted to another American, Elijah Wood.

By Marie-Mathilde Peyralbe

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