This film not recommended for children under 16 quickly reaches 2nd place in the top of Prime Video

This film, new in France, which arrived on Prime Video on Friday, March 8, did not stop attracting subscribers to the streaming platform. With a four-star cast, it comes in second at the top!

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Every week, Prime Video is packed with new features to entertain its many subscribers. Recently, the streaming platform of the giant Amazon had a success with season 4 of LOL: he who laughs, comes out, but also with the series Influences centered on Iris Mittenaere and her partner Diego El Glaoui. In the cinematographic sphere, last week things were very hot with the premiere of Ricky Stanicky starring Zac Efron and John Cena, but also the movie ferrari by Michael Mann. Released in cinemas in numerous countries, the feature film that covers part of the life of the manufacturer Enzo Ferrari has not passed through the “dark cinemas” box here, since Prime Video offers it exclusively. The action of this film immerses us in 1957 in the complicated private life of the head of the Ferrari team. Actor Adam Driver plays the latter and the actor plays Shailene Woodley, Penélope Cruz and even an unrecognizable Patrick Dempsey.

ferrari is the most popular movie on Prime Video right now

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The feature film was eagerly awaited by Prime Video subscribers. The proof : ranked number 2 among the 10 most watched programs of the moment in France. ferrari It is, therefore, the most popular film of the moment, ahead of action films. Saints and sinners with Liam Neeson (3rd place on top) and Ricky Stanicky, who occupies fourth position. The ranking continues to be dominated by LOL: whoever laughs, comes out, of which a season 5 has already been announced. ferrari However, it is not recommended for children under 16, in particular due to the nudity scenes and a very impressive shock sequence that should not be exposed for everyone’s eyes.

Adam Driver transformed for the film. ferrari

Although he is 40 years old, Adam Driver plays Enzo Ferrari at 59 years old. To look like the man, the actor seen in Marriage history either anette had to transform. Makeup and prosthetics were necessary, including a cervical prosthesis, as the actor confided. vanity fair. “It started a month and a half before filming, but we had to change everything at the last minute. “Sometimes prosthetics can completely transform you and be too overwhelming.” he confided. A physical transformation that helped him get into the skin of her character. “When you wear all of this 14 hours a day, it’s easier to put yourself in your own skin.“he explained to Entertainment Tonight.

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