This brilliant horror film gave Steven Spielberg a “scary death”

As this disaster film celebrated its fifteenth anniversary in January 2023, this famous filmmaker remembered the day when Steven Spielberg confessed to him that its production had given him goosebumps.

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More than ten years after his first feature film, American filmmaker Matt Reeves returned to the big screen in the late 2000s with clover fieldfirst installment of the famous film franchise to watch or rewatch on Supreme+. While the evening is in full swing at a party in honor of Rob Hawkins’ (Michael Stahl-David) departure for Japan, the building where he is meeting his friends is shaken by a violent earthquake. Intrigued, the guests ran to the street where within moments an eager crowd had gathered. It is there that they discover that a gigantic creature has invaded Manhattan, which is slowly sinking into chaos. A true critical and commercial success, clover field has attracted many viewers, including the famous Steven Spielberg.

I scared Steven Spielberg“Matt Reeves rejoiced.

On the occasion of the film’s fifteenth anniversary, Matt Reeves made some revelations to the American site Comingsoon. The filmmaker recalled in particular the day when the illustrious Steven Spielberg confessed to him that his film had given him “a great fear. “He turned to me and said: “Wait, so you directed Cloverfield?” And I said: ‘Yeah’. He tells me: ‘You scared the hell out of me’. And I said to myself: ‘Oh’. She was great. I scared Steven Spielberg“, he revealed. A true praise for the filmmaker, who continued his rise by directing the last two parts of Planet of the Apes and box office success the batman with Robert Pattinson.

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clover field : a franchise relaunched by a fourth film

The critical and commercial success of clover field It was the starting point for the development of a franchise, which gave rise to two spin-offs: 10 Cloverfield Street and The Cloverfield Paradox, released exclusively on Netflix. Yes the horrible war movie Mister Initially it was classified as part of the universe. clover field, filmmaker JJ Abrams announced at CinemaCon that ultimately it was not like that. According to several American media, a fourth work, which promises to be a true sequel to the first part of clover field, should see the light of day. At the moment no information related to casting or a release date has been communicated.

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