This Amazon film generates controversy: a completely improvised scene causes scandal

news culture This Amazon film generates controversy: a completely improvised scene causes scandal

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Ultra popular on this streaming platform and creating a true internet phenomenon, this movie is attracting a lot of attention! However, few know that this specific scene was entirely improvised by one of the main actors.

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This article spoils the movie Saltburn. You have been warned!

Among the many programs on streaming platforms, there are usually pleasant surprises. It’s not uncommon to see a film that stands out from the crowd, as is currently the case with Saltburn on Amazon Prime Video. Perhaps you have already heard about it, since this 127-minute feature film has created a real phenomenon on social networks. This film already attracts due to its five-star cast with Barry Keoghan (Dunkirk, The Eternals), Jacob Elordi (Euphoria, Priscilla) and Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl, Pride and Prejudice). After, Saltburn is full of memorable scenes, and this is what caught the attention of many netizens on the Internet. Far from being a film for all audiences, few remain indifferent to these few shocking situations illustrated in this feature film.

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One of these notable scenes was completely improvised by one of the lead actors, Barry Keoghan.. The latter plays Oliver Quick, a young Oxford student in the mid-2000s, who is invited to spend a holiday at the luxurious family property of one of his university classmates. This invitation will quickly turn into a nightmare…

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A shocking scene 100% improvised

If you haven’t seen Saltburn, we advise you to stop reading here. Towards the second part of the film, Félix, the character played by Jacob Elordi, dies. The entire family is mourning this tragic event that occurred so suddenly. However, Oliver Quick expresses his pain in a way that is at least surprising. Reflecting in front of the tomb where Felix is ​​buried, he is overwhelmed by emotions and ends up literally penetrating the earth under which his friend rests.. From this precise moment, viewers understand how disturbed this character is.

This particular scene was entirely improvised by actor Barry Keoghan, to “see where his character would go”. It was shot in one take and, according to him, it allows the story to move forward. In fact, it is a way for viewers to see that this character is not as innocent as he seems. If you want to watch this feature film, it is completely available on Amazon Prime Video.

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