This actor from the two sagas admits that he does not like them

The two universes, which are JRR Tolkien’s Middle Earth and JK Rowling’s adventures of the young wizard, have featured a large number of renowned actors in their film adaptations, but there is one who has barely enjoyed these successful sagas and has not Don’t beat around the bush.

Two sagas that are not to everyone’s taste

With its adaptations to the big screen, Lord of the Ringsas Harry PotterThey have managed to conquer the hearts of new generations of viewers and build an even larger fan base. All these adventures and this magic were possible thanks to creative teams full of talents and actors who managed to embody the protagonists of our favorite universes. Actors who for some would be ready to return, as Tom Felton declared almost a year ago, regarding the reboot of the wizard saga, in a series on HBO. Others will even reprise their role, such as Miranda Otto in The Rohirrim War. However, there are those who act in a film or series, without really appreciating the world of the work in which they play a role.


The Scottish actor in question was seen today in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows as Death Eater Yaxley and in the Amazon series The rings of powerwhere he plays the old dwarf king Durin III, we could also see him in the role of billionaire James Delos, in the excellent series Western world, is none other than Peter Mullan.

Some days ago, during the Lille Séries Mania festival, the latter gave an interview to our colleagues from Deadlinewhere he says about the series that takes place in Middle Earth and where he plays the father of the dwarf prince Durin IV:

These productions have all the money in the world, and yet the tone boils down to “Father, love me,” “I will try, my son.” It all comes down to very simple things that people take ridiculously seriously.

It is neither Tchkhov nor Shakespeare.

These “Ring” fans are really strange.


Before talking about his work in the cinema Harry Potter :

I did it so my kids could come to the set. I didn’t care about Harry Potter at all.

They give you a wand. This little shit. I hugged her like she was in a gang and brandishing a knife.

The actor was quite perplexed about how to hold this magician’s accessory and did not understand that he had not received any lessons on the subject.


Peter Mullan, on the other hand, really enjoyed playing in the aforementioned sci-fi series. Western world. If you liked this article, don’t miss why Tolkien hated Disney.

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