“They told us it was impossible”… The film could never have been made

Released on January 4 on Netflix, the film The snow circle It was a resounding success throughout the world, and particularly in France, where it remained for more than a month among the 10 most viewed films. It must be said that this moving story brings together all the elements to surprise and attract viewers. In fact, the feature film is adapted from the true story of the crash of Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571. In October 1972, the plane crashed in the Andes mountain range and the survivors were abandoned to their fate. Faced with the hostile nature, the freezing cold and the lack of food, the survivors will experience the worst before their rescue, after two months isolated from the world. To tell this story of which sixteen people survived, director Juan Antonio Bayona met with the survivors and accurately reconstructed the drama (he discovers the real images of the tragedy). Although the film appeared in the top most viewed feature films in the history of Netflix, it was also crowned at the most prestigious ceremony in Spanish cinema.

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The snow circle Attack the Goyas ceremony

On Saturday, February 10, 2024, the Goyas ceremony took place in Valladolid, the equivalent of our Césars or the American Oscars. Nominated in 13 categories, The snow circle won 12 awards and became the most awarded film of the night. In particular, it won the award for best film, best direction, best music, best costumes and makeup, best special effects, but also for male revelation for Matías Recalt, who plays Robert Canessa, one of those who allowed the group to be rescued by climbing the mountain. As you can see in our photo slideshow, the cast and crew were together for the occasion. It’s a change from the beards, long hair, and skeletal bodies seen in the film!

The snow circle : the movie was almost never made

During his speech to collect the award for Best Director, Juan Antonio Bayona paid tribute to the survivors and victims, and explained that few people believed in the film The snow circle before filming. “For ten years we heard people tell us that this film was impossible, that it was not possible to make a film in Spanish with this level of ambition. and thanks to Netflix who proved me wrong and allowed us to make this movie.”he declared on stage.

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After this victory, director Juan Antonio Bayona also spoke on the social network X (formerly Twitter) to thank the viewers. He especially encouraged the Spanish who can see The snow circle to the cinema to discover it without further delay. The director also said he was surprised by the film’s international success: “Thanks to Netflix for making this project possible and bringing it to viewers around the world. We never imagined that millions of people would see it every day all over the planet. That helps people lose their fear of watching films of other nationalities in other languages.“In his message, Juan Antonio Bayona also thanked the survivors who participated in the project (several of them appear in the film), as well as the relatives of the victims: “Your thank you messages are an even greater reward“he declared.

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