These 8 characters do not need the Force to be very powerful

If force is the central element in Star Wars, and has always been at the center of the fight between the Jedi and the Sith, other characters incapable of manipulating her have managed to leave their mark on the saga. After the 7 characters much more powerful than Darth Vader, here are the eight most powerful protagonists deprived of the use of the Force, from Captain Rex to Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Bo-Katan Chewbacca destroyed


Captain Rex is the most famous clone of all. Anakin Skywalker’s right-hand man during several dangerous missions during the Clone Wars, His combat skills and command spirit make him the pride of the Republic’s fighters. But his greatest asset lies in his intelligence. Just before the transformation of the Galactic Republic into an authoritarian Empire, Rex manages to remove his inhibitor chip that prevents him from executing Order 66, fakes his death, and isolates himself.

Captain Rex


Known for his talent for tracking his prey, Boba Fett is a renowned bounty hunter, often working for the gangster Jabba the Hutt, but also with Darth Vader in the search and capture of Han Solo during Episode V on the planet Bespin. We thought he had died at the mouth of the Sarlacc, but Disney decided otherwise. The bounty hunter managed to survive the monster and emerge unscathed. A plot maneuver created to legitimize the development of a series around him, and in which he shows that he has not lost any of his talent.



The most famous of smugglers draws his strength from the ruse and his piloting of the Millennium Falcon. This allowed him to get out of critical situations against the imperial hunters. From thief at the beginning of the saga to General of the Rebel Alliance in Return of the Jedi, commanded ground forces on Endor in the operation to sabotage the Death Star’s shield generator.



Introduced in the series. AndorLuthen Rael was one of the main drivers of the rebellion. He recruited, planned, and worked with senators to allow the Rebellion to gain momentum. Luthen, a fantastic pilot, was an important player in the Alliance thanks to the network he had created.



Warrior, smuggler and resistance fighter, the Wookiee forms a formidable pair with his friend Han Solo. Physically monstrous, his 2m28 height allows him to crush almost anyone in hand-to-hand combat. His boat repair skills are more than appreciated. It is mainly thanks to him that the Millennium Falcon is still standing after decades wandering the galaxy and being attacked by hunters.



In 3 seasons of The MandalorianDin Djarin, a character created by Disney, achieved small feats that earned him the recognition of all the Mandalorian people. Armed with his jetpack and blaster, and equipped with his Beskar-forged armor, the Mandalorian bounty hunter is a formidable fighter. Most notably, he defeated Paz Vizsla in single combat with her black saber, much like former Galactic Empire officer Moff Gideon or the towering dragon Krayt on Tatooine.



Little sister of Satine Kryze, heir to her clan and Duchess of Mandalore, Bo-Katan Kryze stands out for her royal blood. his knowledge of politics and his warrior skills acquired through his participation in the Death Watch cell. Able to wield the famous dark saber, who wants to reunite the different clans under the same banner and return Mandalore to its splendor, he has helped Din Djarin on numerous occasions in his adventures.


#1 Grand Admiral THRAWN

Grand Admiral Thrawn, antagonist of the series Star Wars Rebels then the recent production Ahsoka from Disney+ is undoubtedly one of the most powerful and influential characters. His knowledge of military strategy is unrivaled in the galaxy far, far away. His feats of arms noted by the Emperor It allowed him to earn his stripes and achieve the status of Grand Admiral. Disney is counting on him and the performance of actor Lars Mikkelsen for Dave Filoni’s next film.


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