These 10 Netflix series of 2024 went unnoticed, it’s time to catch up

Every week, Netflix puts online dozens of new programs, movies, series, documentaries or even entertainment programs to satisfy its subscribers. If sometimes certain series remain among the 10 most watched programs of the moment on Netflix for several weeks, this is not the case for all of them. Faced with such an influx of news, it is almost impossible to see everything. Some of these fictions may have escaped you, so Tele-Leisure It offers you this list of ten Netflix series released in early 2024 to catch you up.

What are the 10 best Netflix series of 2024 to catch up on?

Family drama, action, true story, Korean series, science fiction… There is something for all tastes, which clearly demonstrates the breadth of the streaming platform, which tries to satisfy different audiences. This list focuses solely on new series, but Netflix has also put new seasons of some fiction worth watching online. This is particularly the case ofInterviewsan exciting Spanish thriller that will return with a fourth season, but alsoAlrawabi Girls Schoolwhose casting has been completely renewed for its season 2, or even Alpha Malesa brilliant Spanish series that guarantees you lots of laughs.

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detective forstthe most chilling

Put back the scarves and big sweaters, detective forst You can lower the temperature by a few degrees. This fiction takes us directly to Poland, more specifically to the town of Zakopane, located at the foot of the Tatras, the largest massif in the country. Viktor Forst, a police officer who was transferred after a mistake, is forced to investigate after the discovery of several bodies on the mountain. Things quickly go wrong for him. A particularly dark detective series, Detective Forst keeps you in suspense, even if certain revelations are easily guessable. With only six episodes, the series catches up in no time.

The golden hour, harder to see

Released at the end of December 2023.The golden hour has completely upset Netflix subscribers, including us, and that’s pretty normal. The series touches on a delicate topic: the attacks that affected Amsterdam. Mardik, a Dutch police officer of Afghan origin, is a fugitive, suspected of being involved in the terrorist organization. For his part, he suspects that a former childhood friend, who recently entered the Netherlands, is behind the attacks. Suspenseful thriller, The golden hour Will not leave you indifferent. However, given its theme, the series contains many scenes that are very difficult to watch, so be warned. The series will also return for a season 2.

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baby banditthe most real

A few days after launch griselda, a biographical film about drug trafficker Griselda Blanco, Netflix later offered baby bandit, a Hispanic fiction also based on a true story. The story of an impressive robbery that occurred in Chile in 2014. The young skater Kevin Olguín Sepúlveda stole an armored truck at the airport, fled to Europe and was arrested in Spain. A little overshadowed by griselda, baby bandit However, it offers you strong sensations and a tension that increases with each episode.

Chicken nugget, The craziest

If you found this selection a little depressing, then this series will bring laughter to your life. Arriving in mid-March on Netflix, chicken nugget It is without a doubt the most improbable fiction ever produced by the platform. It follows the story of a father, a business manager, and his intern and his quest to find out why Min-ah, the boss’s daughter, was transformed…into a chicken nugget. Yes, you read it right! Absurdly brilliant, this South Korean series between comedy and science fiction is – obviously – very funny but it also manages to move us.

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A murderous paradoxthe bloodiest

Are you looking for a thriller like no other? A murderous paradox should satisfy you. This South Korean series is reminiscent of Right handed. We follow Lee Tang, a lost and penniless student, whose life is turned upside down when he kills a man… who turns out to be a serial killer. As an experienced police officer follows him, Tang discovers a surprising passion and begins to punish bad guys. This series, with a sometimes surprising staging, manages to captivate us with its cynical humor and unique characters.

To the great evils, the most romantic

It’s no secret that Korean romance series are popular on Netflix. This one made a timid advance towards the top 10 in France and deserves our attention. To the great evils follows Jeong-woo and Ha-neul’s journey. Rivals in high school, they meet again years later when their respective lives go off the rails. Jeong-woo becomes a popular plastic surgeon, but his career is destroyed when one of his patients dies mid-operation. Ha-neul has become an anesthesiologist and is a victim of pressure at work. In the end, she collapses. Little by little, together, they will try to get back on track. Touching, funny and, obviously, romantic. To the great evils It also contains many twists and turns.

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The brothers of the sunthe most excited

This is a mafia soap opera to be devoured lightly, especially since we already know that it will only have one season. The Sun brothers in question are Charles and Bruce. The first grew up in Taiwan, with their father, an underworld leader. The second, younger, went into exile with his mother in the United States forever, without knowing that he came from a mafia family. The two brothers will have to unite to escape from the murderers who are chasing them. Between unconventional humor and action, this police comedy is a pleasant entertainment where the mix of genres is successful, which features, above all, its well-done fight scenes and the presence in the casting of actress Michelle Yeoh, as the godmother of the mafia. and Protective family mother, also gifted for humor and action scenes.

The signal, the most intriguing

If Sven and his daughter Charlie have their feet firmly on the Earth, Paula, his wife and mother, has always had her eyes fixed on the stars. This astronaut has been sent on a mysterious mission aboard the International Space Station and is about to return home, when the plane taking her home crashes in the middle of the ocean. Her death leaves Sven and Charlie with many questions. Despite their pain, father and daughter embark on an investigation that will challenge their beliefs. This science fiction series mixes a family drama and the mix of genres works very well. The force of The signal Perhaps it lies in the fact that the plot is condensed into only four episodes, multiplying the twists and turns and without diluting the suspense.

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House of Ninjas, the most captivating

a tour Ninja House, you will discover a plot inspired in part by a true story. In Japan, the Tawara family runs a brewery. But above all it hides a big secret: the members of the tribe are the last descendants of Hattori Hanzo, the legendary shadow ninjas. The second son, Haru, leads a normal life, knowing nothing of the exploits of his ancestors. But soon it will be necessary to return to the origins. Ninja House skillfully weaves tradition and modernity, secrets and revelations. The series stands out for its ability to combine dynamic action and emotional tension, exploring themes of identity, loss and redemption in a changing contemporary world. A captivating story that will delight fans of the ninja genre and those curious about Japanese history

The child and the universe.the most moving

A series in which you will find a Simon Baker (Mentalist) unrecognizable. In the 1980s, Eli, a young man from a suburb of Brisbane, Australia, faces the harsh realities of life. His mother is a former drug addict, his stepfather traffics heroin, his babysitter is a criminal, his father is an alcoholic and his brother does not speak… Despite this dark outlook, Eli does not lose hope. From The child and the universe, you may feel, as we do, that you don’t really know where you’re going. But you will let yourself be carried away by this initiatory adventure of Eli and this family with whom we suffer. Even more moving when we know that it is a true story, this series shows that light and optimism can always coexist with pain.

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