There is no second season for the talk show “Martin Matte live”

There will be no second season of Martín Matte and direct at TVA he has learned The newspaper.

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Martin Matte confirmed to us that he said no to a second season of Martín Matte and direct in TVA to dedicate himself to a great project.

“TVA offered me to do a second season,” confesses Martin Matte, who has just returned from a trip to Japan. I felt very honored by this great show of trust. Since I had another big project at the same time, unfortunately I couldn’t do both.”

TVA management confirmed that Martin Matte informed them that he will not return to host the talk show for the second season.

Despite the mixed reception of the first season of Martín Matte and direct In the fall, the 53-year-old comedian positively values ​​this experience. “There was a mini storm in the first few weeks and there was a lot of comment. It wasn’t always praise. I said to myself: ‘Forget it. You threw yourself into the void and I find it beautiful.’”


“It’s hard to run a talk show. You have nothing to turn to. Practices in front of the world, live, weekly. “It’s very intense,” said the comedian. “I like him show. “I am very happy with what we have achieved.”

And how did you get the sketch of Bye, Martín Matte in trouble, where Louis Morissette imitates him? “It’s a bit annoying because it’s quite irritating humour,” admits Martin Matte. It didn’t affect me much, to be honest. It was okay, in fact it was quite well done. I must say that Louis imitated me very well,” the comedian said with a laugh.

What is Martin Matte’s mysterious project? Comedy show? New show? “I can’t talk about it now, but very soon. In the next weeks.”

Moved by the generosity towards Les Beaux 4h

while 9my edition of his Les Beaux 4h challenge that will end on Saturday in Sommet Saint-Sauveur, Martin Matte admitted to being very excited to see that the goal of $600,000 has almost been reached. Proceeds will go to the Martin-Matte Foundation, which supports people living with head trauma or physical disabilities.

“It’s moving. I’m speechless… It’s really beautiful. It’s very close to me,” said Martin Matte, whose brother lives with a head injury. “We suffered a lot from this in our family. We had so many needs.” “It’s the perfect example of people benefiting from what we do at the foundation: opening homes, offering respite.”

The Martin-Matte Foundation’s Les Beaux 4h challenge will take place from January 10 to February 10. If it is possible to participate remotely, the ski and board marathon will be held on February 10 in Sommet Saint-Sauveur. For all information, it is here.

  • Dumas will provide the show during the 9thmy edition of Beaux 4h this Saturday at Sommet Saint-Sauveur.

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