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Have you never seen “Devil Story – Once upon a time the devil”? So you missed a film that pushes all boundaries, the definitive cinematic story, as improbable as its script.

In 1986, French director Bernard Launois directed Devil Story, a feature film that begins with a serial killer dressed as an SS, continues with a zombie ship, and ends with a destructive explosion. You guessed it, the plot of the movie is a bit complex.

Centuries ago, during the equinox, 5 brothers, bandits, lured ships to the coastal reefs to be plundered. One of these ships was loaded with boxes from distant Egypt, fell victim to a terrible storm and disappeared, and the coast was changed forever.

Condor Movie

The murderer in an SS uniform.

Today, in the same small town, a deformed being who lives alone with his mother, who is said to be a descendant of the 5 brothers, commits murders in his free time. At the same time, a cat and a horse are incarnations of the devil and, at the equinox, the missing ship emerges from the earth, releasing an Egyptian sarcophagus from which a formidable mummy emerges.

Are you a little confused already? Wait for the rest!

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In the midst of all this, a young blonde girl (unidentified) will find herself at the center of this return of evil, while the local innkeeper will try to kill the “devil’s horse” with a single rifle blow.

You’re lost? You haven’t seen anything yet, because the mummy resurrects from the dead a black-haired woman who bears a striking resemblance to the young blonde!

Condor Movie

The Mummy Returns

In short, Devil Story is a complex story, but also a film that could only afford 3 weeks of film crew, at the end of which only 55 minutes were completed. However, you had to reach 80 minutes to be able to go to the movies. This is how Bernard Launois found himself “throw the film”, how he relies on the bonuses of the DVD, to expand and finish the film without money, with a team reduced to a minimum.

An actor who can’t film OR talk!

Condor Movie

The innkeeper shoots (during 10 minutes of film) the devil’s horse

Furthermore, one of the actors, who has many scenes in which he faces a “devil horse”, will declare to the director that he cannot say his lines at the same time as he shoots. A certain disadvantage that, therefore, translates into silent scenes in which the actor fires a rifle in a field without any other sound than that of the weapon…

The final result on screen and the rest of the behind-the-scenes of this incredible story are visible on DVD and Blu-ray, published by Nanarland.

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