“The Voice”: Paul Daraîche’s son surprises Mario Pelchat

Shy by nature, Dan Daraîche has been performing for years with his family and his famous father, country singer Paul Daraîche. By participating in Voice, where all the coaches turned around during his blind audition on Sunday, he wants to come out of his shell and take on his own projects.

Dan Daraîche greets Mario Pelchat, who has just turned around during his blind audition.


To break the ice on Sunday, the 31-year-old Terrebonne player performed When I need, a piece from his father. The latter also attended his performance alongside his wife, Johanne Dubois, and presenter Charles Lafortune. He had never heard this version from his son and could not hold back some tears, as did Dan’s mother.

Mario Pelchat, who knows Daraîche well and had recently shared the stage with Dan, was the first to turn his chair and laughed when he discovered who was the center of attention.

Dan Daraîche emphasizes that it was “a fight against (himself)” to go to the blind auditions. He chose Mario Pelchat, who also became emotional during the performance, because they knew each other well and could get to work quickly.

Dan Daraîche during his blind audition broadcast on Sunday, January 28 on “La Voix”.

Paul Daraîche took the stage to join his son and Mario Pelchat.


“We’re going to the devil we know,” Dan joked in an interview.

“Your voice is like your father’s, I’m crazy!” said the coach, who confessed that at the age of 15 he went to see Paul Daraîche perform and asked him for advice. “And there, his son is on my team. Voice

Fifteen years on stage

Dan Daraîche, who grew up touring, began sharing the stage with his father as a drummer at the age of 16.
“Then I finally went out of my way and started singing in 2015 or 2016. At first I didn’t really want to sing. By force of circumstances, I began to like him. I am anxious, shy, it took me a lot of courage to go to Voice or even sing with my family. I didn’t want to take up too much space, I was comfortable with the battery, low profile

Dan Daraîche during his blind audition broadcast on Sunday, January 28 on “La Voix”.


In 2018, Dan participated with his sisters Émilie and Katia in their father’s work. my favorite house and we can hear her on the album and in the tribute show to her late aunt Julie Daraîche, dynasty country.

Paul Daraîche and his since-deceased brother Antonio worked hard to convince Dan to try his luck at Voice. “My godfather Antonio insisted that I go. “Deny yourself!” that he told me. He died before he could tell her what he was doing. Voice. “I did it too much for him.”

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