“The Voice”: emotion, forced rumors and betrayal, a candidate bothers the coaches

On Saturday night, the fifth round of blind auditions took place on the set of “The Voice.” If Mika thought she heard the “best singer of the season”, she could not incorporate him into his team, “betrayed” by her own people…

There are candidates who make everyone agree from the first notes. This is what happened to Julien Kela on Saturday night during the fifth broadcast of “The Voice” dedicated to blind auditions. It only took a few seconds for Vianney to turn around, seduced by the voice of this talent that she had chosen. A song for youby Donny Hathaway. As the performance progresses, very moving, skillfully mastered between softness and power, the coaches compete with “wow” and looks that reflect their admiration. Even the audience applauds in the middle of the song. Zazie quickly joins Vianney in the flipped chairs clan and, in an extremely rare situation, Vianney stands up to tell the other trainers to call and even takes the liberty of pressing in his place, both for Bigflo and Oli as well as for Mika. Under his approving gaze.

“The snake” quickly neutralized

When the song ends, Mika speaks first, visibly amazed by what the candidate just sent. As Julien explains that he started rapping before moving on to singing thanks to karaoke nights, Vianney and Oli signal behind his back to take a step back and discover that he is getting too close to the candidate. Taking advantage of the detour, Zazie presses the “super block”, neutralizing Mika, who is then supposed to sit back down. But understanding what is happening, she points to her companions: “Who did this? Zazie timidly raises her finger. The others add: “ Oh, the betrayal of a friend! », « Zazie went to the dark side », « years of friendship » wasted… Then the coaches accompany Mika to his chair, but he turns around and says to the candidate: “ Just so you know: you’re the best candidate we’ve heard about this season and I’m completely bummed not to do the adventure with you. ».

“Tonight a great artist was born on stage”

Then each coach speaks. “ I think a great artist was born on stage tonight. », adds Oli. Vianney is not full of praise either. But the excitement comes from Zazie: “ What you did tonight awakened something deep in me and music should do that all the time. You can build bridges, you can sing what we need at this moment: tenderness, love, brotherhood and that I would very much like to explore with you… » he said with a trembling voice.

But it is nevertheless towards Vianney that the candidate chooses to go, favoring the one who turned first, and also the one who spoke with him. reach the end ” with the.

>> Watch the video of the performance and the replay of the show.

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