“The Voice 2024”: Camille Lellouche saves Eleen, the candidate who “pierced her heart”

“The Voice” season 13 began Saturday night on TF1 with a first round of blind auditions.
Eleen, 28, was selected by Camille Lellouche to occupy the position of super coach this season.
Relive this unexpected sequence and discover the coach he chose now in TF1+.

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The Voice 2024

A few months ago, Camille Lellouche dreamed of being called again by “The Voice”, the program that gave a boost to her career. She was awarded because the production offered her to succeed Nolwenn Leroy in the role of “super trainer”, responsible for selecting six candidates during blind auditions.

The first to benefit from this second opportunity is Eleen, 28, a candidate from Seine-Saint-Denis. “I’ve done quite a few castings in my life, I think I started when I was 16 years old.“she explains in her portrait. Since then, this self-taught woman who never took singing lessons has experienced many disappointments.”But I won’t give up“.

A regular at castings

On stage at the Lendit studio, Eleen decided to sing Beyoncé’s powerful “Listen.” From the first notes, she lets go of the horses. “At the moment it means nothing to me.“, BigFlo admits to Oli. As the seconds pass, the young woman goes from wave to wave and gives everything she has in her heart. Between hesitations and grimaces, we don’t really know what the coaches are thinking. But in the end none of them No you turn around

You obviously have talent, you obviously have a voice. Why did you choose this song? Why did you choose Beyoncé?“Mika asks him.”Because of the message that is strong in relation to the experiences I have had in music.“, responds Eleen. “I feel like people are trying to pigeonhole me and not let me express myself.”

We saw the performance. But we didn’t see your heart


Contrary to what you may have thought, this song made you fit into a box“replies the interpreter of “Relax”, who suggests going towards a simpler register. “Very few people can sing this song.“Zazie emphasizes for her part.”We saw the performance. But we didn’t see your heart“.

After greeting the coaches and leaving the stage on the verge of tears, Eleen falls into her father’s arms backstage. “So that we don’t look back, the level is very, very high.“says Oli on set.”But Camille, she goes“. Is the rapper in telepathic connection with the super trainer?

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Backstage, Camille Lellouche addresses the candidate and tells her that she will offer her a second chance. “When Beyoncé sings it, I don’t cry“she swears.”There isn’t a single false note, it’s just amazing. They will regret not having called“He promises.”You did me good. It’s been a long time since someone pierced my heart.“.


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