The Tomas Hertl trade has (already) prevented the Sharks from completing another trade

On Friday afternoon, as the final minutes passed before the trade deadline, the San Jose Sharks and Vegas Golden Knights completed a trade that no one expected: Tomas Hertl took over as coach of the Golden Knights.

In exchange, the Sharks got prospect David Edstrom (a first-round pick in the last draft) as well as a first-round pick… but they also had to give up two third-round picks.

It was quite an unusual transaction, as the Sharks had to give away two picks in addition to who was probably the best player to get. more or lessthe equivalent of two first-round picks.

That being said, the most particular detail is that the Sharks also had to withhold salary… in a contract that will expire in 2030.

Given that the Club is already withholding money from Brent Burns’ contract (until summer 2025) and Erik Karlsson’s (until summer 2027), this means the Sharks are handcuffed in terms of salary retention. In fact, you will no longer be able to retain the new salary until July 1, 2025.

And obviously it has leaves had an impact on the Sharks, while the transaction involving Hertl prevented the Californian team from completing a transaction that would have sent Alexander Barabanov to the Rangers. as reported by Sheng Peng.

The Rangers needed the Sharks to retain salary… but they couldn’t do it anymore.

Even worse : The Sharks had told Barabanov that they were definitely going to trade him before the trade deadline.and we seemed about to fulfill this promise, but the cap hit The Russian player’s $3.5 million meant the Rangers couldn’t afford him.

And with the trade involving Hertl coming late in the day, it would have been difficult to find a third team willing to retain salary in place of the Sharks. So the transaction simply never happened, probably much to Barabanov’s chagrin.

I have a feeling this will be a recurring theme in San Jose for years to come. The club has seriously limited itself with its salary retention spaces, and not only will it be difficult to reach the playoffs paying players who no longer play in the city (and with such a core), but it will also be difficult to go look for other options without be able to retain the salary of players rented to be traded.

Maybe David Edstrom and the player taken with the other first-round pick will fool me and single-handedly turn the Sharks around… but Mike Grier better get creative to get through all of this in the years to come.

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– Logan O’Connor will miss the rest of the season.

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