The Super Bowl of excess in Las Vegas

Given that Las Vegas is the capital of all excess, it should come as no surprise that the first Super Bowl held there is the most expensive to date. There are no limits to excess, especially in the city of vice.

To think that at one time not so long ago, the NFL would have wanted Las Vegas as much as a scurvy epidemic! Now that illegal gambling is a thing of the past, this marriage, which is the paroxysm of ostentation and ostentation, seems completely natural.

As soon as the Raiders moved from Oakland to Las Vegas in 2020 at their sumptuous Allegiant Stadium, just outside the famous Strip, the die was cast.

It was increasingly clear that the Super Bowl was coming to town and that an orgy of astronomical awards would ensue.

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A constantly packed city, Las Vegas is even more so this week with more than 330,000 visitors, expected to generate economic benefits of at least 600 million, according to the Tourism and Convention Bureau.

“Surely we will do even better, with all the events and room prices higher than expected,” corrected last week the director of the company Applied Analysis, Jeremy Agüero, who mentioned between 700 and 900 million in the report. Las Vegas Magazine.

“We have had notable events here, but they are not going to make us believe that there was a precedent. There is no comparison to the Super Bowl.”

More expensive than ever

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In fact, there is no possible comparison, starting with the price of the tickets. Just getting into the venue to watch the game costs more than ever.

A few days before the Super Bowl, at the time of this writing, the average ticket price was $9,800, according to the website TickPick.

Therefore, the 2021 record, which was $7,046 on average, is eclipsed by 35%. It should be remembered that in the 2020 Super Bowl season prices skyrocketed as only a third of the stadium was filled due to restrictions linked to COVID-19.

Compared to last year, the average price of tickets has practically doubled. The record, for a Super Bowl excluding the one impacted by COVID, was Miami in February 2020, when the Chiefs triumphed over the 49ers. You had to pay an average of $6,370.

The climb in just four years is quite astonishing.

“The Super Bowl in Las Vegas is a three-hour game that turns into a full week of festivities. Las Vegas has solidified its reputation as an entertainment capital and the Super Bowl becomes its greatest achievement as a sports capital,” argued TickPick President and CEO Brett Goldberg on CNN.

expensive hotels

The Super Bowl of excess in Las Vegas

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To find reasonably priced accommodations in one of Las Vegas’ approximately 158,000 hotel rooms, it was best to book well in advance.

A week before High Mass, the average price for a room on the Strip was $977 per night. This is an increase of approximately 135-145% in prices compared to the same period last year, during the Super Bowl in Arizona.

According to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Bureau, for the year just ending in 2023, the average price for a night at a Strip hotel was $204.42. This shows how much the big circus of the NFL is changing the landscape.

Obviously, there are different price spectrums between the most luxurious hotels on the Strip and others that are located in slightly more remote areas.

The Mandalay Bay, which is the closest hotel to Allegiant Stadium, was offering packages until this week for $5,255 for three nights over the weekend.

Even a normally affordable chain like Motel 6 had rooms for $1,220 a night.

For those with more modest tastes who are willing to get away from the action, the Best Western in Henderson, about fifteen minutes from the Strip, was offering $650 nights a few days ago.

In Boulder City, it was still possible to stay one night at the Holiday Inn for $336 or the Quality Inn for $463. Real bargains!

In a gambler’s paradise

The Super Bowl of excess in Las Vegas


Whoever says Super Bowl in Las Vegas also says bets of all kinds and for all budgets.

Bookmakers predicted betting amounts would surpass last year’s record of $16 billion. Last year, 50.4 million Americans, or about 15% of the country’s population, bet on Super Bowl 57.

If everyone can have fun, of course, Chiefs and 49ers players are strictly prohibited from gambling. Players from other NFL teams in Las Vegas will be able to bet at the casino, but not at sports books.

Know that it’s even possible to bet on whether Travis Kelce will propose to Taylor Swift, kneeling on the ground, on the court after the game.

The consensus is that the Swifties’ fantasy won’t come true, but do so at your own risk…

Crime and prostitution: security on the prowl

The Super Bowl of excess in Las Vegas

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Major events like the Super Bowl can become boom times for the prostitution industry and everything that surrounds it, but security is no laughing matter in Las Vegas.

According to a study by Creighton University, Nevada is the state with the largest sexual market per capita in the United States. It is said that around 5,000 people a month are used for sexual purposes.

Since the Super Bowl ranks number one in terms of security in the United States, local authorities can benefit from the contribution of federal law enforcement to ensure compliance with the law.

During the November Grand Prix, around 70 people were arrested and 215 potential victims were identified.

Authorities are working closely with the organization Signs of Hope, which helps victims of sexual abuse.

“There are more resources at these large events because we know there is an increase in cases. “People drink and party, and we want them to have fun here in Las Vegas, but there is still a perception that what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas and that prostitution is legal, which is not the case,” President and CEO Kimberly Small said recently. Las Vegas Sun.

In recent years, rumors have spread about the arrival of 10,000 prostitutes in the city where the Super Bowl was held, but nothing has been officially quantified or proven.

Increased security

As with every Super Bowl, law enforcement is especially preparing for potential attack threats.

This is particularly the case in Las Vegas, where the mass shooting of 1is October 2017, which left 58 dead and more than 400 injured, remains well anchored in collective memory.

According to Lt. Kendall Bell, who serves on the Super Bowl Host Committee’s security subcommittee, 36 different security groups will be on duty for the Super Bowl and 1,200 Las Vegas police officers will be sent to work overtime during the weekend. week.

A 300-foot security perimeter was also built around the stadium and required a month of effort.

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