The origins of the film’s villain revealed in a comic that you should not miss.

Diary of a Batman Villain

Released under DC’s more mature content brand, Black Label, The Riddle: Year One It’s not just any comic. In fact, reading it is like flipping through the pages of Diary that Paul Dano could have made in his preparation for the role of Riddler. – like Heath Ledger for his portrayal of the Joker in The dark knight.

And the very particular style of the artist Stevan Subic contributes to this image of immersing oneself in a skull exhausted by reflections and in full mutation. Between collages, paintings, diffuse lights that create nightmarish atmospheres, a fifth chapter that literally takes the appearance of a notepad or the face of Paul Dano to represent the Riddler of comics, this tangle of artistic techniques and ideas. It perfectly illustrates the introspection of this psychotic mind. creating a criminal alter ego.

From sweet innocent to terrorist sociopath

The Riddler on the couch

The main surprise of the comic is Paul Dano’s precise and sober writing. Without ever falling into endless diatribes about life and purchasing power, the story is content with what is essential to fuel this loner’s motivations even more than in the movie disappointed. explained in the batmanThe extreme version of the Dark Knight’s crusade led by Riddler takes on more meaning in the miniseries by imbuing it with an event worthy of this assassin who is still a public accountant.

In many ways, this exhausted Riddler in a dirty Gotham is reminiscent of Travis Bickle hanging around New York in Taxi driver. Then she appears before us the vision of a city plagued by crime in which the poorest struggle crumbs like rats: a comparison made by the comics that echoes one of the movie’s enigmas. Especially since this visit to Batman’s fortress is through the eyes of a sick spirit for whom shadows hide monsters, which is supported by Subic’s sublimely gruesome illustrations.‌

The Riddler Year One: photoMetro 8, rush hour

A riddle without mystery

Unfortunately, this adventure involves the smallest corners of the Riddler’s twisted brain. Also, By wanting to explain everything too much, there is nothing left to suggest.. From now on we know the life of the villain from his first days in the world until a few seconds before the start of the batman. The Riddle: Year One Therefore, it suffers from too many chapters, the one that hangs the most in the DC footage.

However, Paul Dano’s writing always manages not to tarnish Matt Reeves’ work. Constantly on the knife’s edge, he about to lessen the effects of the batman, the comic really plays with fire, but it never burns down. The fact is that after reading, a syndrome arises. The killer joke, the comic by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland that reveals the origins of the Joker. If the story is a success, it does not leave No more secrets from a character who deserves to have them..

The Riddler Year One: photoA jumpscare in comics

Supported by a crazy creative visual identity and far from the standards of the genre, the Exciting descent into madness from Paul Dano’s Riddler complete both the batman that takes away all its mystery.

The Riddler: Year One will be available from Urban Comics starting February 2, 2024

The Riddler Year One: official cover

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