The new head of the M6 ​​must make a name for himself

After 37 years at the helm, Nicolas de Tavernost leaves M6: “A page is being turned”

“The mystery of Paf”

David Larramendy, who turns 50 this Monday, current head of the advertising agency of the M6 ​​group (M6, W9, 6ter, Paris Première, Gulli, RTL, 6play, etc.), joined the company sixteen years ago. He is the oldest member of the group’s board of directors, a kind of governance of the chain. A man known for being hard-working and loyal, coming from an illustrious family – his maternal grandfather is Count Brandelys of Gironde – and gifted with a good education as favored by the Baron of Tavernost. “A talented professional with solid management experience and excellent results in advertising management”, says Nicolas de Tavernost of him. Yes, but here it is: David Larramendy, no one really knows him outside the M6 ​​“house” and advertising circles. The newspaper The Parisian he even nicknames him “the mystery of Paf” (French audiovisual landscape)!

An engineer by training, he began his career at Ernst&Young and then joined Mistergooddeal, a discount pioneer in France, when it was created in 2000. He then worked as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs in London before joining the M6 ​​group in 2008 as a director. commercial of the Ventadis division.

David Larramendy is quite calm by nature and keeps a cool head when the nervous and authoritarian Nicolás de Tavernost easily bursts in.

Appointed CEO of M6 Publicité and M6 Interactions in 2014, he became a member of the board of directors in 2015. An eclectic career that does not surprise those close to him: he is, they say, curious about everything. On a more personal level, David-Philippe (his real name) is interested both in the Basque Country, where his father and grandfather were from (Pierre Larramendy was mayor of Saint Jean de Luz), and in Brazil, where his wife, art gallery owner and mother of his two daughters. A lover of tennis and golf, he is a member of the very chic Circle of the Bois de Boulogne and the Golf of Saint-Cloud. Like Nicholas of Tavernost.

However, the two men do not have the same character at all. David Larramendy is quite calm by nature and keeps a cool head when the nervous and authoritarian Nicolás de Tavernost easily bursts in. On the other hand, both have the same taste for combat and the same desire to make the M6 ​​group grow, to shake up the established order, to innovate and take advantage of opportunities. If the supervisory board elected him internally (after a succession procedure started last autumn, which led to his appointment on February 13), it is because he adheres to this pragmatic and responsive company culture. Negotiate, don’t give up, be courteous and friendly: that’s his credo.

Unprecedented challenges

David Larramendy will have to carry out the transformation of the company. The group will launch its new streaming platform in mid-May. M6+ will provide free access to the catalog, which has 30,000 hours of programming. A payment option of 5 euros per month will allow you to deactivate advertising and have access to exclusive content several months before it is broadcast. The objective set by David Larramendy is clear: double the consumption of online programs and triple streaming income between now and 2028.

That’s not all, it will also have to deal with the drop in audience that the channel is experiencing. According to Médiamétrie, the M6 ​​is at its lowest level for more than twenty years. It occupies fourth position behind TF1, France 2 and France 3, with an audience share of 8.1%.

Soccer: M6 moves to TF1 and will have the rights for the 2026 and 2030 World Cups

In short, the new boss will have to take on the classic challenges of audience, content and monetization and, at the same time, take on new challenges to innovate and adapt to the new global audiovisual situation that is developing.

Above all, David Larramendy will have to make a name for himself and impose his mark, after three decades under the reign of Nicolás de Tavernost. This won’t be easy…

March 18, 1974 : birth of David Larramendy in Paris 16.

1998 : Graduated from Supélec and MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, he began his career at Ernst&Young.

2008 : He joined the M6 ​​group as director of the Ventadis subsidiary.

April 23, 2024 : will become president of the board of directors of the M6 ​​group.

A well managed group

David Larramendy inherits a company with healthy finances, with a net profit in 2023 among the best recorded by the group, with 234 million euros. It has increased 45% in one year, due to the capital gains obtained from the sale of a certain number of diversifications. Operating profit, although decreasing slightly due to the drop in advertising turnover (1.5% less than in 2022), reached more than 300 million euros. The group also maintains an operating margin of almost 23% and, above all, 500 million euros in cash. Something to see coming. Furthermore, the M6 ​​group announced on March 7 that it had purchased the broadcasting rights for the 2026 and 2030 editions of the World Cup, to the detriment of its rival TF1, a historic broadcaster. The amount paid was not disclosed. The truth is that the World Championships are not considered profitable for the networks…

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