The Musical Box: “Peter Gabriel changed my life!”

Fifty years after the release of Genesis’ “Selling England by the Pound” album, The Musical Box performs it on stage with attention to detail and respect for the work. Denis Gagné, singer of the Canadian group, comments for “Rolling Stone” on the content of this tour that will pass through France in April…

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Since 1994, have you been living a dream like the one symbolized by the cover of the album Selling England by the Pound entitled The Dream and signed by Betty Swanwick?

In fact, I’ve been here for a while! This year I turn 30 and I confess that at that time I would not have imagined doing this for so long! Especially because being part of the group was a strange process. I had to audition in front of almost the entire team, who saw me sing and play with just my two guitars, which was pretty big! Then they called me to do another one in front of everyone in the group. I had to wait two months until someone called me and gave me the job. I guess maybe they didn’t mean to make a mistake and I hope they don’t regret their choice today! (laughs)

They seem satisfied because you are all moved by the same obsession to fully respect the work of Genesis…

Yes, I actually do things that border on mental illness! (Laughs) But I enjoy doing it despite everything, although sometimes I tell myself that I am good for the asylum. I looked at photos, videos, and spent hours watching Genesis and Peter Gabriel to see exactly what I needed to remember. And with the group we do everything we can to be as accurate as possible. I also spoke with a person who makes wigs and my first question was about the care that goes into making them and the detail of the different colored hair, telling her “No one will notice that in the room.” And she replied: “No, but if I don’t do it people will notice!” (laughs)

Why are you so pleased to play Peter Gabriel and revive the group?

I was only 10 years old when I discovered Genesis and the album Foxtrot (Charisma Records, 1972) thanks to my brother who is older than me, so that exposed me to that music. And when I was young, I hoped one day to be able to play “Supper’s Ready” on stage with people, but even I would have been content to play it in a room without an audience! And today I can’t count how many times I have presented this song. I’ve done 1,300 shows with The Musical Box, I’ve played it at most of those shows, possibly 800-900 times, so I’ve reached my goal! (laughs)

Xavier Bonnet

Do not miss The music box during his next French tour.

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