The Hilarious Truth About Bigfoot Revealed in Mind-Blowing Sasquatch Sunset Trailer

Presented at the 2024 Sundance Festival, the great delirium sasquatch sunset by the Zellner brothers has caused a sensation and the first trailer is (brilliantly) grotesque.

Brothers David and Nathan Zellner may not mean anything to you, but Jesse Eisenberg always dreamed of working for them. Great regulars at Sundance, the two filmmakers have earned a reputation as absurd authors who take up the codes of American cinema. And then Pioneer in 2019, a kind of parody of the western, the two filmmakers address a North American legend: Bigfoot.

In this new bet by the Zellner brothers, the point of view is quite unique since sasquatch sunset wants to accurately capture the daily life of Sasquatch in the cloud forests of North America. Along with Jesse Eisenberg, we will find actress Riley Keough (Mad Max: Fury Road, Under the silver lake), who continues to go off the beaten path after her first film as a director war ponyco-directed with Gina Gammell and released in 2022.

The trailer of sasquatch sunset promises an incredible trip, but also fabulous and daring.


great delirium in BIGFOOT

From the first images of sasquatch sunset, it’s surprising how (truly) enthralled the two filmmakers seem to be by these creatures. And although this does not prevent them from rediscovering their totally absurd record, the Zellner brothers seem to do a true tribute to these legendsand their possible quiet little lives.

On the sidelines of the festival, the two filmmakers mentioned that they themselves let themselves be lulled by these myths, and the official synopsis completes this strange fascination:

“In the misty forests of North America, a family of Sasquatches, perhaps the last of their mysterious species, embark on an absurd, epic, hilarious, and ultimately moving journey over the course of a year. These noble and furry giants fight to survive while confronted with the ever-changing world around them.”

Sasquatch sunset: photoSasquatch against the world

To provide realism and an old-fashioned plastic aesthetic, the Zellner brothers turned to prosthetic makeup artist and special effects specialist Steve Newburn, who worked especially for Christopher Nolan in The dark night rises and Beginningbut also for Ari Aster (also producer of sasquatch sunset) sure Beau is scared.

Introduced to the English-speaking press during its Sundance preview earlier this year, this mysterious adventure film convinced. Therefore, they are unanimous, despite serious reservations, in praising the charming authenticity of such a project.

A limited release is expected on April 12, 2024 in US theaters. sasquatch sunset It does not yet have a release date in France.

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