The “heartbreaking” Marvel killed these superheroes in Avengers Infinity War for a truly shocking reason

news culture The “heartbreaking” Marvel killed these superheroes in Avengers Infinity War for a truly shocking reason

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Do you know how the creative team decided who would die and who would survive in Avengers: Infinity War? Wait…

too many dollars

Our colleagues fromAssigned They have pointed out a rather funny anecdote. He explains that without the unauthorized studio biography MCU: The Reign of Marvel Studios, It describes how the minds at Marvel decided who would or would not survive Thanos’s finger snap.. It is stated that during the pre-production of the film, Kevin Feige brought together the film’s directors Joe and Anthony Russo, screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, and producer Trinh Tran in a room.

Surrounding this small group were cards representing all the heroes of the MCU. Kevin Feige then decided who would die based on two criteria: which would be the most “heartbreaking” for the fans, but also, and perhaps above all, what the actor costs the studio. In fact, on the back of the cards was a dollar sign that specified the actor’s salary, as well as information about his contract status. As Allociné points out, the choice was made, therefore, in a narrative way but also depending on the situation of the actors. A little cynical, right?

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The final episode

Avengers Infinity War will celebrate its sixth anniversary on April 25. With its $2 billion at the box office, it was the biggest success of 2018.. Because ? Simply because this episode is the climax that brings together all the events since the beginning of the MCU. The film tells how the Mad Titan, Thanos, gets hold of the infinity stones to carry out his terrible project: exterminating half of the universe. The Avengers, but also the Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange and a good number of Marvel heroes, decide to unite to counter this threat. The movie runs 2 hours 36 minutes, which is very long for a Marvel movie. Basically, it was supposed to last even longer, as Jim Starlin, the creator of the Thanos character, revealed last year. Fans will say in any case that it is 2h36 of pure joy.

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